hank rearden quotes
Neither can figure him out. Like your friend Ken Danagger?". ", "You chose to live by means of force, like the rest of them. | : They need it. Larkin “came for advice, he asked for loans at times, but not often; the loans were modest and were always repaid, though not always on time… Watching Larkin’s efforts, Rearden felt what he did when he watched an ant struggling under the load of a matchstick. Grant Bowler: Henry 'Hank' Rearden. Rearden is selfish — he is motivated by own virtues, values, thoughts, beliefs, and happiness. This is the horror which Robin Hood immortalized as an ideal of righteousness. Dagny and Hank discuss Francisco. Hank Rearden. I'm curious... is it alright with you that I'm squeezing every penny of profit I can from your emergency? The general policy of the press is “There are no objective facts. You do not grasp the fact that the universe is a solid contradiction… The duty of thinkers is not to explain, but to demonstrate that nothing can be explained… The purpose of philosophy is not to seek knowledge, but to prove that knowledge is impossible to man.”  Dr. Pritchett, When asked what the real essence of life is, Eubank responds, “Suffering… Defeat and suffering.”, When asked what there is to live for, he replies, “Brother-love.”, “Property rights are a superstition. She confirms this when she says, “Do you suppose I will allow your romance with a floozie to deprive me of my home, my name, my social position?”. Lillian acts as if she is there against her will, that she is a puppet and slave and Rearden, that he is holding her in bondage. What is wrong with the world? We who were able to melt rock and metal for our purpose, why had we never sought that which we wanted from men?”. : The San Sebastian Mines were the most eminently successful venture in industrial history: they produced no copper, but they provided a livelihood for thousands of men who could not have achieved in a lifetime, the equivalent of what they got for one day’s work, which they could not do. 6. He realizes that his actual wife, Lillian, may not appreciate it, may not understand, and may not care. We hear of Ragnar mainly through gossip and the fearful discussions of people commenting on his pirate raids. What’s one more disaster? Rearden." Ragnar is a pirate who seizes relief ships sent to other countries, such as the People’s State of France. "Is that your ambition? Nor have I ever robbed a military vessel -- because the purpose of a military fleet is to protect from violence the citizens who paid for it, which is the proper function of a government. What does he do with the goods he seizes? Hunsacker believes that his family name entitles him to these things. Well, I'm the man who robs the poor and gives to the rich -- or, to be exact, the man who robs the thieving poor and gives back to the productive rich.". 5. Hank is still naive and believes Lillian loves and cares for him, and wants the best for him. ", "The money that was taken from you by force.". Doesn’t everyone agree that the purpose and justification of an industrial enterprise are not production, but the livelihood of its employees? Inexplicably, she felt a touch of feminine vanity, the kind she had never experienced before: the desire to be seen wearing this particular ornament.”. I will not help you to disguise the nature of your action.”, “He saw, on their faces, that stubbornly evasive look...the look of a man cheating himself of his own consciousness.”, “Joy is the goal of existence, and joy is not to be stumbled upon, but to be achieved, and the act of treason is to let its vision drown in the swamp of the moment’s torture.”, “If, to him, love was a celebration of one’s self and of existence—then, to the self-haters and life-haters, the pursuit of destruction was the only form and equivalent of love.”, “Her plain gray suit was like a thin coating of metal over a slender body against the spread of sun-flooded space and sky. So I came in his place. Rearden? And this has brought us to a world where the more a man produces, the closer he comes to the loss of all his rights, until, if his ability is great enough, he becomes a rightless creature delivered as prey to any claimant — while in order to be placed above rights, above principles, above morality, placed where anything is permitted to him, even plunder and murder, all a man has to do is be in need. The State Science Institute wants a double share (under the "fair share" rules set by the government) of Rearden Metal for some unspecified purpose. ", "Ragnar Danneskjold." The voice had the firmness, the clarity and the special courtesy peculiar to men who are accustomed to giving orders. The bracelet also evolves and changes. I have to get the Rio Norte completely re-railed in nine months or Taggart Transcontinental will crash. –Withdraw your own sanction, and the powers that be are laid bare;  their power is derived through the barrel of a gun, not through any intrinsic validity of their own. What do you think Francisco wanted to understand? Henry Rearden : What is your purpose in talking to me? 1. Maybe one day you will be a rich man. He responds by asking why she stayed. This premise of self-sacrifice denies reality, reason, and logic in place of faith, charity, and force. We learn that everything is a contradiction and logic is useless. Dagny loves the bracelet of Rearden Metal. Money. Dagny and Hank discuss Francisco. If everybody else is poor, they won’t have any market for their goods. We learn that man cannot be held accountable for what he does, that he is insignificant and does not matter. Company Credits Write every so often to record your change in thoughts and discuss the evolution of the phrase. Dagny “liked the feel of the weight against her skin. Where did he go? Henry Rearden He lends money to those who won’t be able to pay it back because they deserve it. You really don't care about helping the underprivileged, do you? Henry Rearden We couldn’t help that, could we? “Could I now reclaim a single hour spent listening to my brother Philip and give it to Ken Danagger? Nobody can help what he does, that is the way things made him. Mayor Bascom (and many other people in the novel and today’s world) believe that principles do not matter, that all money is ill-gotten, that all rich men are dirty… This idea makes the everyday person more comfortable in their sins. How does this issue relate to the novel’s theme? Where are all of these people going? How could we fight this Nielson, when nobody had given us a motor to compete with his.”. Ragnar is sort of a mythic figure who inspires dread and confusion. We see what these men think and know that they influence government policies and public opinion. All three are looking at the bracelet as it actually is, not what it represents and how much it means to Rearden. “Then no rightful cause was left, and the pain of anger was turning into the shameful pain of submission.


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