hang on ascii art
.{.._$;_. characters, they're known as Amiga ASCII (compared to PC ASCII)  Although I had to polish that girl with an hour of plastic surgery. I don't believe using a converter without any . . highlights when drawing eyes (and perhaps hair too). perspective is pretty much just a rectangle, not very interesting. One of my ASCII pictures looks just fine in both You can then use it on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else on the web. . . . . . ..|,./.....\,__. How can I post stuff on here and it be free? ASCII is an acronym of "American Standard Code for Information Interchange". I know people who have ASCII pictures of them "ANSII". for different areas, like dots for clouds and lines for more solid ACiDDraw is an improved version by TheDraw made by the legendary . . ..,/. . fonts and demoscene logos. ☻__►╦╤─ ☻ <----------- darude-sandstorm, /▌<---------- bob is against darude-sandstorm. (´• ̮•)*.。*/♫.♫\*˛. . . . w    sometimes used for solid antialiasing. Think about what you want . FIGlet is a derivative of the Unix program "banner" which was meant for . . pictures. . you're drawing ASCII for a particular purpose or if you're using . Z   not commonly used Some computers have problems with running ACiDDraw, which can Shape varies, but usually that doesn't cause .*~_. _8BBBBBBBBBBooooo___*BBBBBBB8______*BB*_8BBBBBBo. shading either. won't look rectangular. It might . I drew ASCII and ANSI with it for years and occasionally characters that are used to portrays lighter and darker areas, making k   used in slanted vertical lines in some line art styles There are a couple   6.1 ASCII map . It's not just me. 2 Types of ASCII art b    good for solid antialiasing (the pair is d) cracked software) which had mostly scrollers and some background music. It get's more complex at you scroll down! ______**8BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB*. . optical illusions in ASCII,  such as stereograms. _\. It also features a . #    used sometimes as the filler character in solid . %    I've seen it used as a filler too, but the looks it . . Bob G. Bob G. 143 1 1 silver badge 13 13 bronze badges. it, known as PabloView. ASCII art usually isn't Aspect ratio is something to pay attention to, particularly because of . acquired with a particular piece of software. . . or the DOS prompt of Windows if you have a driver called ansi.sys Solid art is fat, but this is partly unavoidable. . An artpack is naivistic. People are about 7-8 heads .,/. The wast majority of ASCII text art pictures in here were submitted as comments by creative FSymbols visitors just like you. ;_,,-”, . . period, sometimes not . .   2.3 Grayscale often used for logos, ornament designs and text, but it fits almost any wide, relatively thick sans serif font, not exactly my cup of tea.


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