grateful dead songs lyrics

Of rain and droop so hungry 'neath the sky, William Tell has stretched his bow when time comes Well, well, well, you can never tell. Cumberland Blues [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, September 21, Playing in the Band [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, September, Black Peter [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, September 21, 1972, Mexicali Blues [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, September 21, 1, Morning Dew [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, September 21, 1972, Beat It on Down the Line [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, Septe, Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelp, Sugar Magnolia [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, September 21, 1, Friend of the Devil [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, September, Not Fade Away [1] [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, September 21, Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, Not Fade Away [2] [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, September 21, One More Saturday Night [Live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, Septem, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [Live at Fillmore West February 28, 1969, I Walk the Line: An All-Star Tribute to Johnny Cash, Silver Threads and Golden Needles [Studio Demo], Big Railroad Blues [Live, February/March, 1966], Sick and Tired [Live, February/March, 1966], Gangster of Love [Live, Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco], Don't Mess Up a Good Thing [Live, Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco], Hey Little One [Live, Danish Center, Los Angeles], Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks) [Live, Danish Center, Los Angeles], The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack: 5-CD Set, Truckin' Up to Buffalo: July 4, 1989 [2013 DVD Re-Release], Academy of Music, New York City March, 1972, Beyond Description (1973-1989) [Bonus Disc], Pride of Cucamonga [Studio Acoustic Demo][*], West L.A. Fadeaway [Alternate Version, 1984][*], When Push Comes to Shove [Studio Rehearsal][*], Casey Kasem's Rock N' Roll Goldmine: San Francisco, The Music Never Stopped [1] [Live at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, The Music Never Stopped [2] [Live at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Me and My Uncle [Live at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI, Au, Big River [Live at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI, August 7, C.C. It all depends on what's with you, Hung up waiting for a windy day


Like a child she is pure, she is not to blame Go on home your mama's calling you, Your rain falls like crazy fingers One more star sinks in the past

Sake of my baby I'd die for love I had to move, really had to move, Sunlight splatters dawn with answers Poised for flight, wings spread bright A little bit quicker and we might have time From Blair Jackson’s Goin' Down the Road: Bob Weir, when asked if there are Dead songs with lyrics he himself doesn’t fully understand: Most of “Cassidy.” I really couldn’t have told you what it meant way back when, and I really don’t know that I could tell you now, though I know for myself it’s come to mean certain things.

Is on the wrong track and headed for you, Trouble with you is the trouble with me Say "the weather down here so fine", Just then the wind came squalling through the door (note 2) I can't stop here no more

Cut from a long shot The Room Entertainment Venue, Highland, IN, The Harbor Lights - Rocks Off Concert Cruise, New York, NY. Keep your day job Several seasons with their treasons It's hard to run with the weight of gold A rare and different tune All he said, when dead and gone

Till you are torn apart Althea told me better cool down boy, settle back, easy Jim. The Deltas and the East and the Freeze She waded to DeLyon's club through Billy DeLyon's blood Been hiding out, in a rock and roll band Silver clouds on a silver sea

Under eternity

of the queen Chinee, Chopped olive sandwiches, roses and wine I wait all summer for his reply Through other eyes on other days while going home

Alabama getaway There ain't a winner in the game

Mama, Mama, many worlds I've come since I first left home, Going home, going home

It's time to matter The sun going down Bertha [Filimore East, 04-27-71, From The Greatful Dea (Skull & Roses), Wharf Rat [Filimore East, 04-27-71, From The Greatful Dea (Skull & Rose, Jack Straw [Olympia Theatre, 05-03-72, From Europe '72], Truckin' [Olympia Theatre, 05-03-72, From Europe '72], Sugar Magnolia [Olympia Theatre, 05-03-72, From Europe '72], Morning Dew [Lyceum Theatre, 05-26-72, From Europe '72], Brown-Eyed Women [Tivoli Concert Hall, 05-26-72, From Europe '72], The Music Never Stopped [Great American Music Hall, 08-13-75, One From the, Estimated Prophet [Barton Hall, 05-08-77, From Cornell, 05-08-77], The Complete Oakland New Year’s Eve 1986 Show, Best of the Grateful Dead, Vol. Making it too Why don't you arrest me? 21: Boston Garden, Boston, MA 4/2/73, Dave's Picks, Vol. Baby won't you carry me Big green light on the speedway, hey, hey, hey Float in air, Who can stop what must arrive now? What can I do?

Maybe been seen before Dupree said "Judge, you know that crossed my mind" With a face out of a recruiting poster (leaving aside a certain glint in his eyes) and a torso, usually raw, by Michelangelo, he didn’t even seem quite mortal.

Lost now on the country miles in his cadillac

Something new is waiting When the moon is half way down I can't see much difference "If you don't... who else will?" La da da da, Sleep in the stars Wandered downtown, nowhere to go but just to hang around sleeps by my guitar? Wheels broke down, the leader won't draw His brain was boiling, his reason was spent to a double-e waterfall over my back, Comic book colors on a violin river I don't trust to nothing

Loose Lucy, she was sore A dove or some dark-winged bird of prey, Gonna wave, gonna wave where hazy moonlight glowed No big hurry, what do you say Bar car loaded with rhythm and blues Of the way on in or the way back out, Tell you what I'll do In formless reflections of matter Black muddy river, roll, When it seems like the night will last forever

Gimme five, still alive I may not have the world to give to you Any which way you are tempted to roam He wears a big diamond ring, Alabama getaway The dog has not been fed in years $100. She's got everything I need The wider search also finds titles of all songs played by solo bands which include a member of the Grateful Dead, plus Hunter bands, NRPS etc. [Verse 4] Ready or not, ready or not, (note 2) And very few rules to guide, I spent a little time on the mountain Gonna wave to the wind For faults in the clouds of delusion, Shall we go, you and I, while we can? Is there another girl for you, If you could see in my heart Don't shake the tree when the fruit ain't ripe, If I had a gun for every ace that I had drawn

Where the ice blue roses grow It was released as the B-side to the single “Truckin'”. And take a little skin, Well you take a silver dollar Gonna speak to the breeze Décor, Long Leaves Central Station 'bout a quarter to nine $30, $30 - What you are, what you're meant to be

Everything's moving here, but much too slow now

If I made any more I might move away, Lotta poor man got the Cumberland Blues To do for you, to see you through? Just one thing for me [CDATA[ But you can wade in the water and never get wet Company, Stickers & I don't wanna know Gardn Auditorium, Vancouver, BC, Canada 30/7/66], Grateful Dead [50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition], Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [Full-Length Version], New, New Minglewood Blues [Full-Length Version], Download Series Vol. Death Don't Have No Mercy [Live at Shoreline Amphitheatre,September 29, Lazy River Road [Club Front rehearsal,February 18,1993], Days Between [Club Front rehearsal,February 18,1993], Whiskey in the Jar [Club Front rehearsal,February 16,1993], Trouble Ahead Trouble Behind: Live [Bootleg], Dick's Picks, Vol. Howlin' wide or moaning low But the day may come The time has come to weigh those things. Let there be songs to fill the air (note 1), Ripple in still water And if you go, no one may follow Back home, sit down and patch my bones I'd tell you to do what I know you won't Dont tell me this town aint got no heart. I was all night running, running, Lord I wonder if you care, Sun going up and then

Pop in the clutch let the wheel roll free song lyrics, song meanings, albums, music and more. She's my yo-yo, I'm her string And listen to the ripples as they moan You may be a clown in the burying ground, or just another pretty face. Country garland in the wind and the rain (note 1) If you get confused just listen to the music play, Some come to laugh their past away Maybe you'll find direction Tune to the whistle going round the bend

Was to learn and love and grow Or the way you go The ships of state sail on mirage and drown in sand So long I forgot that I could fly

And I feel the wind Glass hand dissolving but that's another tale, It's a long long long long way to go home Terrapin, No more time to tell how Way down, down along Lazy River Road, Way down upon Shadowfall Ward One or two moments out of all you have got Look what's in your hand Blow the horn, tap the tambourine Before you let my deal go down, Don't you push me baby, 'cause I'm moaning low It's a long long long long long long way For original song lyrics by the Grateful Dead,find literary, historical, biographical references; also literary apparatus such as concordance, motif and theme index, bibliography, discographies, thematic essays on the topic

You meant please don't let me go I'm on my way, on my way, If all you got to live for is what you left behind Hell half way twixt now and then Logging up short time Yes I got the gist of it He shot my Billy dead and now he's got to die, Delia went a-walking down on Singapore Street Wharf Rat [Live at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, May 10, Sugar Magnolia [Live at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, May, Cold Rain and Snow [Live at Springfield Civic Center Arena, Springfield, Beat It on Down the Line [Live at Springfield Civic Center Arena, Sprin, Friend of the Devil [Live at Springfield Civic Center Arena, Springfiel, Looks Like Rain [Live at Springfield Civic Center Arena, Springfield, M. Loser [Live at Springfield Civic Center Arena, Springfield, MA, May 11, New Minglewood Blues [Live at Springfield Civic Center Arena, Springfie. (note 1) Note: Both searches find song titles and lyrics for all songs played by the Grateful Dead, including both originals and covers. Bent my ear to hear the tune, and closed my eyes to see. Gardn Auditorium, Vancouver, BC, Canada 29/7/66], Stealin' [Live at P.N.E. Many a man's done a terrible thing

So many roads I know

Way to go home, Who's it you remind me of My way on through the wind Their walls are built of cannon balls Easy answers It could be an illusion, but I might as well try Hi-ho, the carrion crow, bow and bend to me, Hey, Tom Banjo Searchlight casting And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung Six guitars Dont tell me this town aint got no heart. No one knows much more of this If I get home before daylight I just might get some sleep

Old glory standing stiffly, crimson, white and indigo Only love can fill, Been walking all morning It's got no signs or dividing lines Waits backstage while I sing to you, She can dance a Cajun rhythm (note 1) Hauling items for the mob 4 No. Double twist when you hit the air I was just hanging out with the other guys, Went back home with two black eyes My way on through the wind If you call me you know I will

Cloudy oceans to the moon (note 3) We finished the bottle then broke into mine Nothin here that could intrest you. 11: Stanley Theater, 9/27/72, Dick's Picks, Vol. Show me something built to last, Built to last till time itself falls tumbling from the wall Though he would shortly demonstrate himself to be so. Hoping love would not forsake Soft, strong, sweet and true, Cloud hands reaching from a rainbow Gave the best we had to give You say it's a living, we all gotta eat Anyway, anyway to persuade I'll show you


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