gaur vs bull
[23], In Vietnam, several areas in Đắk Lắk Province were known to contain gaur in 1997. The aggression of a gaur in dire situations is underestimated. The colour of the horns is some shade of pale green or yellow throughout the greater part of their length, but the tips are black. My point was that for their size a bulls more dangerous than a gaur, Nature related Discussions, News and Queries. Besides triceratops, which ceratopsians do you guys think possessed the most lethal horn design? The tiger will get quickly thrown off and killed. [3] Body mass ranges widely from 440 to 1,000 kg (970 to 2,200 lb) in adult females and 588 to 1,500 kg (1,296 to 3,307 lb) in adult males. The cow is considerably lighter in colour than the bull. In young animals, the horns are smooth and polished. In Malaysia, it is called seladang, and pyaung ပြောင် in Myanmar. Breeding takes place year-round, but typically peaks between December and June. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Back to Top; Post by mobster on Dec 25, 2012 18:19:12 GMT -5. The cows and young bulls are paler, and in some instances have a rufous tinge, which is most marked in groups inhabiting dry and open areas. UPV/EHU. In fact, so many bulls perish from the ravages of the rut, that they have become an important late summer food source for grizzly bears and other scavengers within the confines of the Park. So with regards to getting a cut/injury in the first place I feel like birds have an advantage. [1], In Bhutan, they apparently persist all over the southern foothill zone, notably in Royal Manas National Park, Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary and Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary. Areas with populations likely to be nationally important included the Nam Theun catchment and the adjoining plateau. Also, Life has said more or less the same thing in another post (that I've only now just seen). On 8 January 2001, the first cloned gaur was born at Trans Ova Genetics in Sioux Center, Iowa. Personally, I think styracosaurus/Centrosaurus looked the coolest and were almost certainly effective weapons but I wonder if they preformed significantly worse than a triceratop's. [38] When confronted by a tiger, the adult members of a gaur herd often form a circle surrounding the vulnerable young and calves, shielding them from the big cat. Wood Bison (herd of 3) v White Rhinoceros, Buffalo: A History and Natural History of the North American Bison, Morphology of horns and fighting in the family bovidae, Rolling Thunder-The Bison Rut in Hayden Valley. They have a distinct ridge running from the shoulders to the middle of the back; the shoulders may be as much as 12 cm (4.7 in) higher than the rump. [22], In Thailand, gaur were once found throughout the country, but fewer than 1,000 individuals were estimated to have remained in the 1990s. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. At the top of its muscular hump just behind its shoulder, an average adult male is just under 200 cm (6 ft 7 in) tall and the male's girth at its midsection (behind its shoulders) averages about 277 cm (9 ft 1 in). [44] Later authors subordinated the species under either Bos or Bibos. In the mostly semi-evergreen Dong Phayayen – Khao Yai Forest Complex, they were recorded at low density at the turn of the century, with an estimated total of about 150 individuals. [40] An old tigress in Navegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve appears to have died after being wounded by a gaur. There's a study on how resistant bat wings are to damage, but I don't think it contains a comparison to birds. Populations in well-protected areas are stable and increasing.


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