fsd practice test 2019

I hope these practice questions help you to pass the real test.

To become an FSD, you’ll need to complete three major requirements: (1) take the FSD training course, (2) take the written exam itself (which is only offered at Fire Headquarters), and (3) pass a building-specific on-site examination.

*   Provide your Name, a valid E-mail address and Password and click START again. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. As FLSD you should know that the maximum allowable occupancy on the roof is?

19) The Temperature in the fire pump room should be kept at a minimum of: 20) The most common standpipe system in operation is: https://nyfiresafe.com/fire-life-safety-directors-quiz-answers-chapter-1/. Which of the following actions is unacceptable? implement such fire safety and/or non-fire emergency actions as are warranted by the circumstances, in accordance with the provisions of the FDNY Plan, the Fire Code, and the Fire Rules; c. notify arriving emergency response personnel of the nature of the emergency and the response thereto; and d. comply with the directions of the emergency response personnel and/or other lawful authority. *   Upon payment you will be prompted to Close the PayPal payment Popup window and go            back to the test page to begin the test by clicking the CONTINUE button again. You should have received a FSD textbook when you passed the FSD training course. Always report the fire command stationb. https://nyfiresafe.com/fire-life-safety-directors-quiz-answers-chapter-3/, https://nyfiresafe.com/fire-life-safety-directors-quiz-answers-chapter-8-9-10-11/, https://nyfiresafe.com/fire-life-safety-directors-non-fire-quiz-answers/, d) at the buildings communications center.

25) If a building is planning a total building evacuation drill all of the following agencies must be notified except?

New York city code states that high-rises must employ one FSD during regular business hours. To complete the application, you’ll also need to submit a copy of the Fire Safety plan (for the building you’ll be working in as an FSD) to the FDNY Hi-Rise unit.

1 World Trade Center, NY. 1 World Trade Center, NY.

A Staircase Identification Letter must be posted:a) Occupant side only 
b) Stairwell side only 
c) On both the occupant and stairwell side 
d) On either the occupant or stairwell side13. 3) An all clear announcement can only be given by: 4) After the Fire Departments acceptance of a building’s Emergency Action Plan, how many non fire drills must be conducted within the first year? primaryD. 8a.

12) Which of the following would be required to be flame resistant? There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

"Answers to some questions I needed answering.".

A. must be scheduled after regular business hoursB. As a FLSD you would know the technician must possess what certification? * The questions are accurate, up-to-date and cover all topics found in the FLSD course outline.

[1] These training courses are offered at the Headquarters of the Fire District (FDNY) you’ll be applying to work in. b) re-set the system as soon as it is known that it was an unwarranted activation. d) Only use the building base PA system so the occupants know that it is a staff member.

All newly installed fire alarm pull stations must be located within how many feet of the exit doorway opening? The Fire Safety Director (FSD) written exam is one of the criteria by which individuals in New York City are evaluated to become Fire Safety Directors. *  Each test is made up of 50 questions randomly selected from a question bank containing           over 350 relevant questions. © 2018 Website created & managed by  Ali B. *  You will receive an E-mail with your test scores after each test. 16) Which of the following would require that the building supply a garden hose connected to an approved water supply?

*   On clicking the CONTINUE button, a PayPal payment Popup window will then open where           you may pay with a Credit Card or a PayPal account. Regarding the Phase II elevator test all the following statements are correct except: a).They must be posted on the Primary evacuation stairway only 
b) Illuminated exit signs must be illuminated at all times 
c) The letters can be any color 
d) The tenant has the option of not having them posted on their floor 
12. Prof. Dr Muhammad Asim Mahmood took up the charge of Dean, faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Government College University Faisalabad on 13-03-2019. must be conducted on separate datesD. 11) If a building has 200 sprinkler heads in it’s sprinkler system, how many spare heads must be kept on the premises?


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