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FN parts See the attached link. Tue Apr 03 2012 Model: FN M86 Special italy Messina Any assistance or advise you could offer would be greatfully appreciated. What year would this be. Lambert Schepers started his FN career in the repair and restoration section, where he dealt with repairing and restoring FN models from 1902 to 1930. You could advise me on the value of this same to have a panorama of what expenses I will find? Fan club ? [13], For 1959, 30 August in Belgium (Namur), Great Britain won, Sweden was second, and Belgium was third with Nic Jansen (Machless), Hubert Scaillet (Matchless), Lucien Donnay (FN). Spanish Have got this engine don't know the year or model, any ideas, and what about value, and is there a demand for this type of thing. i`m looking for a fn m86 500ccm to rebuild Parts or/and workshop manual I am also interested in the emblem/decal if possible for a restoration. the cylinder is a bored out Change Bronze cylinderhead ........... FN M 70 D Luxe 1932-1946 Thanks, four cylinder LIEGE Many thanks. mikatinas at yahoo.co.uk bdlausthotmaildot com SOLD F N 350cc 13 I am restoring an fn m22 1955; I need the exhaust pipes and decals. vncemsndot com Mon May 02 2011 I am the owner of a 1938 FN M11 Motorcycle. By 1924, FN had changed all models to chain final drive, and the single-cylinder machines were now "en bloc", the 348cc and 498cc engines available with both sidevalve and OHV heads. Sun Jan 24 2010 Brian, Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 Sat Jun 23 2012 Farmington, New Mexico, USA Stamford, England Wheels Thu Apr 14 2016gheras at jpselecta.esFN350 70Dear Sir, merci New Zealand djjon at inbox.lv LIEGE. 450cc. Hello all, I am looking for the small carter as in the photo. The engine which is complete and in reasonable condition was used to run a circular saw. Can send a lot of pics from restoration process . Tue Aug 14 2012 It's Janis Macarovskis from Latvia, I am selling my FN M86 Special motorcycle (price is not low), some pictures are attached, if someone is interested, please write me. Harry restored it to perfectionfor Mr Saintfield and then rode it successfully in the Belgian Rallyabout 1966-1969 to prove that it would run. Sat Nov 14 2009 FN M86 I have made the exhaustpipe myself the advertisement is no longer needed The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful. Good day fellow enthusiasts. robykegmaildot com The OHV versions of 1930 had very good performance, with tuned models competing at the Isle of Man TT. Gear shift is at the rear right side of the tank. Both Paul Kelaher and Henri Pieper were with the FN company in the early days. Hi, I have one of these identical to the one in your gallery. Thu Mar 01 2007 Wed Dec 02 2009 christopher_f_h at hotmail.com Mantova, Italy FN M 12 Boxer 1937-1940 FN (Fabrique Nationale de Herstal) is a Belgian company established in 1889 to make arms and ammunition, and from 1901 to 1967 was also a motorcycle manufacturer. FN TYPE S 200cc 2T 1955-1959 FN M90 SV 500 1930 or 1931 FN M11 FN M11 I'm looking for a 450ohv head to my m13 FN also caled the "gran culas" or the whole engine. FN M 91 1936-1946FN M 200 & M 250 1933-1938 FN 1909 four, Sat Mar 04 2006 Philippe FN 175 cc small 2 temps 1955 immatriculée, bonjour, je vends ma moto FN 175cc , 2 temps couleur rouge et noir , siège a ressort, 2 échappements, l'allumage est a régler, Thu Feb 19 2015 F N Spares Latvia Wed May 30 2012 carton.bernard at neuf.fr The young Jeff Smith, already a successful trials rider, was about to become a great motocross rider.


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