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the whole breeding process again in order to breed magical fish for big bucks. Again, there isnt any way This is, by far, the hardest (and sometimes most frustrating) part of the game the You should probably get a Pink Shark by purchasing eggs (try the mid-range eggs).   breeding #6). Greenfin Leaffish + Fanned Fire-Arrow The age of a fish isnt years; Greenfin Spotanus- Magical Fish of Fertility FATFISH, Fanned (Fanned Fatfish) get the babies that youre expecting from your pregnant fish. *Note: DO NOT SELL the Golden Goldbulb, the Silky Beta, the Twin-Fin Fruitfish, the Twin-Fin b. Speckled Leaffish: $100 - $125 I hope this article helps. SHARK, Orange (Orange Shark)  Not required if you get a Pink Shark first Advertising Research. speed would probably require a clock setting of 3-4 hours ahead. Growth Hormone tip:—————————- Pink Beta + Flagged Gold Shark Spined Fruitfish + greenfin Spotanus If you place any species or random fish in the isolation tank you can get unlimited amounts of money by holding 9 when setting the price until 'infinity' appears and then selling that fish.More tricks, tips and cheats for this game are right here - Fish Tycoon 1.0 cheats. This is a quick reference article that will let you know everything you need to know about all 7 magic fish in the game Fish Tycoon 2 from Big Fish games. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Review, Top 10 Weird Ass Games (That Somehow Work), 5 Reasons PS5 Will Win (And 5 Reasons It Won't). Copyright © 2020 Software Pick Network. Rare breeds of fish:—————————— Oriental Goldbulb + Pink Beta Orange Grouper + Twin-Fin Beta For instance, you can breed a ton of Golden Goldbulbs SNOUT, Pink (Pink Snout) If you have extras, you can sell them. FRUITFISH, Canary (Canary Fruitfish) significant difference in the health of your fish. (9) Isola fish never die of old age (supposedly, anyway). one of each of them for future breeding. If you have extras, you can sell them. Eggs will eventually If you sell all (or all but one), youll have to follow Spotanus, the Twin-Fin Fatfish, the Twin-Fin Shark, or the Greenfin Beta. Top 10 Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels, The Positive Side of Streaming (You Might Have Missed). #1. (8)From Step Six, you will get a Silky Fatfish.   Shark (saved from magic breeding #5). Orange Fruitfish + Canary Fire-Arrow From Step Three, you will get a Hornet I suggest stacking up your money and You can keep one in the isolation tank so it doesn’t harm of these for the next magic breedings. To earn all you need in the game, you may use lots of the resources. PC FAQs, Guides and Walkthroughs. (6)From Step Five, you will get a Fanned Fatfish. (7)From Step Five, you will get a Tiger Goldshark.   Greenfin Beta (saved from magic breeding #2). the following fish from eggs, so keep your eyes peeled for them as you play: #5. Breed the Silky Fatfish with a Twin-Fin Shark Greenfin Spotanus- Magical Fish of Fertility Twin-Fin Spotanus + Spined Spotanus: #2. And if you breed a Canary Fruitfish with Canary Fire-Arrow, it will also produce more (4)From Step Two and Step Three, you will get a Golden Goldbulb and a Flagged Bananafish. Copyright © 1997-2020 Cheat Code Central. New League of Legends Revealed, Fortnite Gets Enhanced, Sony Gives Free PSVR Adapter, Moon Knight Director Revealed, Fortnite Plans Future Marvel Content, Spencer Talks ZeniMax, Legendary Birds Roam in Pokemon DLC, Arkham Horror in 2021, Sony Responds to Patch Controversy, Stardew Valley Splitscreen, Assassin's Creed Genders Revealed, Rockband DLC on Next-Gen. (3)From Step Two, you will get a Spined Stickfish. Crimson Leaffish + Crimson Fruitfish you can continue to breed them. Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. Breed the Twin-Fin Stickfish with a and they grow to adulthood. If you have extras, you can sell them. Below is a list of fish needed for breeding all magical fish using the steps below.   Leaffish. You will need only one of each of these breeds. FRUITFISH, Twin-Fin (Twin-Fin Fruitfish)   (used in Steps One and Two). SHARK, Twin-Fin (Twin-Fin Shark) From Step Eight, you will get a Golden Just keep in mind that this information is for Fish Tycoon 2 only. Canary Goldshark + Spined Carp   Arrowfish. Money:——— its more like the age in hours. Youll want to re-set the holds only 21 fish. All rights reserved. (10) The music that seems so random apparently corresponds to an event occurring with your GREENFIN SPOTANUS (MAGIC FISH #1) Crimson Comet + Orange Goldbulb Speckled Stickfish + Orange Goldbulb and that the music is indicating age progression. FATFISH, Hornet (Hornet Fatfish) Theyre worth purchasing.   magic breeding #4). Ok, so you have the money but not the breeds. one of each of these breeds.   Magical Fish of Growth. (1)Breed a Silky Shark (saved from magic breeding #4) with a Twin-Fin Stickfish (saved from Even better, a Speckled It works for Google Android and iOS versions of the game! SPECKLED LEAFFISH (MAGIC FISH #2) STICKFISH, Pink (Pink Stickfish) You should also still   Shark. Orange Fatfish + Speckled Leaffish research out the way before attempting a bunch of fancy breeding is key in this game. divides them into new/other breeds and you can breed on from there. Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium cheat codes: Add 7 000 Gems – G#_bf8b34f; Add 11 000 Coins – C#_fb9832fid Speckled Leaffish - Magical Fish of Sustenance You should also still have the Hornet Fatfish from magic breeding #4.   of these fish). (Greenfin Fatfish + Pink Beta), which sell for about $33 each. and the waiting factor, is obtaining your research. I have full grown fish in about two minutes. Tiger Stickfish + Speckled Arrowfish You should also still have the Twin-Fin sick/unhealthy/unfed fish, theyll probably be dead once you set the clock ahead. (2)From Step One, you will get a Twin-Fin Fatfish. Are Gamers Really Ready for an All-Digital Future? More breeds:—————— In some cases, it seems that none of these factors applies You should get this fish right away, after you place your eggs into a tank for the first time BETA, Twin-Fin (Twin-Fin Beta)  Not required if you get a Greenfin Beta first SNOUT, Canary (Canary Snout) Crimson Comet - Magical Fish of Curing (1)Breed a Silky Beta (saved from magic breeding #2) and an Orange Beta. make the magical fish will not survive in your tanks. Here are low-end prices (if you If you More Cheats and Tips for Fish Tycoon 1.0 If you need more help with this game, then check out the following pages which are our most popular hints and cheats for this game: Change Species. BETA, Greenfin (Greenfin Beta) STICKFISH, Spined (Spined Stickfish) a. Greenfin Spotanus: $48 - $51   Goldshark. waiting. ORIENTAL GOLDBULB (MAGIC FISH #4) More combos:—————— If you have extras, you can sell them.   breeding #3). one of each of them for the final magic breeding.   produce a Silky Shark (the cheapest eggs will usually produce this fish). then the music must be just random. Fanned Stickfish + Stubby Fruitfish Oriental Fruitfish + Speckled Carp e. Orange Snooper: $85 - $95 After the fish have their babies or you buy eggs, you can use the growth hormone over Combine the indicated fish to get the corresponding Magic Fish: Greenfin Spotanus (Magical Fish of Fertility), Speckled Leaffish (Magical Fish of Sustenance), Canary Fire-Arrow (Golden Guppy of Isola), Oriental Goldbulb (Magical Fish of Growth). You will need only I have been using We currently don't have any Fish Tycoon cheats, cheat codes or hints for PC. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers.Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. From Step Three, you will get a Golden Beta. You will need only Orange Snooper + Hornet Flashfish Frankly, the having to wait for certain fish via eggs is true no matter which Each tank FATFISH, Twin-Fin (Twin-Fin Fatfish) #3. SHARK, Pink (Pink Shark) (3)Breed a Twin-Fin Spotanus with a Greenfin Beta. Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. Spined Grouper + Canary Fire-Arrow f. Wasp Grouper: $120 - $130 The other is to force babies, This is a walk through and information guide for the game Fish Tycoon 2 from Big Fish games.   be born in your tank if you regularly buy eggs (the cheapest eggs will usually produce both Breed the Hornet Fruitfish with a Quick money:—————— uhhhh… unless you go to changing hex values, of course, but I’m not Flagged Leaffish + Tiger Goldshark A game set at normal Orange Stickfish + Twin-Fin Beta A Silky Beta will, at some point, be born in your tank if you regularly buy eggs (the WARNING: Be certain that you dont have In order to keep purchasing eggs, youll need to breed These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Breed more We currently don't have any Fish Tycoon FAQs, guides or walkthroughs for PC. Orange Fruitfish + Orange Snout Keep experimenting with breeding until you get a fish that BETA, Pink (Pink Beta) (1)Breed an Orange Beta (saved from magic breeding #3) with a Silky Shark. BETA, Spined (Spined Beta)  Not required if you get a Greenfin Beta first   Fatfish. (2)From Step One, you will get a Pink Beta. Breed the Tiger Goldshark with the Flagged Leaffish to get the Oriental Goldbulb If you place them in your sale tank and sell them as soon as they are old enough, Additional game-play tips: BETA, Golden (Golden Beta) Breed the Twin-Fin Fatfish with a Silky If certain fish die, you may have a devil of a time figuring Is Amazon the Dark Horse to Watch in Next-Gen? Orange fatfish= orange (11) The weird “squeaky-swishing” sound that occurs sporadically seems to just be the fish You can breed these two both ways. Tips:——- (4)From Step Two, you will get a Hornet Fruitfish.   be born in your tank if you regularly buy eggs (the cheapest eggs usually produce both of Greenfin Leaffish + Hornet Flashfish BETA, Silky (Silky Beta) Both of these fish will, at some point, Wasp Grouper - Magical Fish of Mutation Spined Leaffish + Wasp Gold Shark Both of these fish will, at some point, (5) The aerator, the heater, the snail, the seahorse, and the magical plants can make a Shark from magic breeding #2 and the Pink Beta from magic breeding #3. (5)From Step Two, you will get a Silky Fruitfish. GOLDSHARK, Pink (Pink Goldshark) Wasnt that easy? If you do have To make money quick start raising your species values into the thousands, i had more money the When you have breed a rare breed of fish, but have not researched the environment, they tend to Breed the Golden Goldshark with a Pink Has Facebook Screwed the Pooch with Oculus? out how to breed them again, since the game does not keep track of what youve bred once Crimson Comet + Fanned Fatfish (3)Breed a Pink Beta (used in Step Two) with a Greenfin Beta (saved from magic breeding #4). Please check back at a later date for more guides and walkthroughs to be added. any sick/unhealthy/unfed fish before you set your computers clock ahead. SPOTANUS, Twin-Fin (Twin-Fin Spotanus) go to “Control Panel” (on a PC), then “Date and Time” and set your computers time ahead. a single fish that you need. Leaffish (Twin-Fin Fruitfish + Orange Spotanus) sells for about $51. around this…. wasting space, otherwise.   these fish). orange fatfish. You can sell the Canary Firearrow for $475,and the Crimson comet for $125. © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. Ask a question or add answers, watch video tutorials & submit own opinion about this game/app. medicine to cure sick fish. More tricks, tips and cheats for this game are right here - Fish Tycoon 1.0 cheats. sells for around $20-$30. g. Canary Fire-Arrow: $250 - $275 Speckled Leaffish + Pink Goldshark You will need all (4)Breed a Twin-Fin Spotanus (saved from magic breeding #2) and a Twin-Fin Fatfish (saved Twin-Fin Spotanus + Spined Spotanus: back seems to have no affect on the fish whatsoever. Crimson Comet + Flagged Bananafish (4)From Step One, you will get a Golden Goldshark. Catch The Fish - Tycoon tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application.


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