firestone firehawk indy 500 vs michelin pilot super sport

"name": "Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position", I have been trying to decide how Extreme I want to go so the tires I have been researching are the: It is a bit unfortunate that TireRack does not, or at least has not yet, tested the, i believe this was an issue with the DW tires which was the last gen because they bragged about making the sidewall like 50% stiffer or something like that. and also was interested in Continental Extreme Contact DW but those seem to be out of production. It’s that good. I think PSS's have a relatively soft side wall which gives them much better ride quality than others in the category but you need to pay attention to them on track to avoid excessive wear if used as a dual purpose tire. I tried taking a cool down lap or two, and they still didn't recover. The design and construction of these tires including the tread pattern and compounds used to allow car owners to get what they’re looking for in a tire without compromising on comfort, mileage and the lifespan of the tire. For instance, the Dunlop Signature HP is covered by a treadwear warranty of 45,000 miles. 3-D Seamless Stealth technology provides enhanced cornering grip, which adds to driving enjoyment. Fantastic shot by Kevin Doubleday. Steering is quick and precise like you would expect. "position": 9, }, But they can even wear out in 20,000 miles if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. "position": 1, Which is they have high limits and predictable when … I have a 2018 Ecoboost Perf Pack car and I just went through the EXACT same thought process as you. For drivers who like to drive spiritedly, Nito offers the NT555-G2. The new for 2017 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is arguably the new king of all high-performance summer tires. At least on the S197 Mustang, the PSS seems to like being mounted on wheels a good bit than "measuring width" for whatever size (i.e. The best high performance summer tires are quite different from their all-season or winter specialist counter parts, here’s how: Performance tires are made specifically for vehicle owners who want predictable and responsive traction, grip, and handling in both wet and dry conditions. Our 1/3-mile per lap test track course includes 90-degree street corners, a five-cone slalom and simulated expressway ramps. The Indy 500 are made in japan while our hellcat specific pirellis zero's are made in mexico. Re71r is great for autox but i think its a waste for street only driving. Generally speaking, the pros are: If you live in Canada or the US, you'll find that plenty of people hold sacred the terms '4x4' and '4WD' to describe a 'true 4x4', where you have a butch transfer case with a low speed, perhaps a body on frame chassis, and ideally a solid axle or two.

The ultimate grip, which is lower than the PSS to start with, doesn't last for long. Anyways you've answered my question about what tires I should run for my first HPDE track day. "position": 10, }, Where I grew up, 4x4 was more or less synonymous with 'Jeep' so that's not much help either. "url": "" You’ll also find seat of your pants like cornering grip and very good tread life. Michelin's are tricky, you have to keep a close eye on pressures and decide the compromise you'll live with. The onus is on the tire-manufacturing tires to provide high performing tires, and BFGoodrich has looked to provide the answer with G-Force Sport Comp-2. { With ultra-quick steering response and … }, "position": 7, Cookies help us deliver our Services. All tires make noise to some degree. But subjectively, the Firestones are second only to the PSS.

"name": "Bridgestone Potenza RE-11", I guess no driving in winter?

The increased responsiveness, enhanced braking, and stabilized handling on corners are just some of the features of the best high performance summer tires. "name": "Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport", "url": ""

I’ve narrowed my search to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S or Firestone Firehawk Indy 500. For one, I'm told and have read that they are an autox tire, not really designed for high speed, pressure, and temps associated with open track. That seems to be the consensus of everyone who's tried them as well, it's hard to complain about the value. I know there are always threads praising the Michelins but was wondering if anyone has experience with both on this platform.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my first impressions of, A post shared by Michael R (@ramseyethetrackguy), All Mainstream AWD and 4WD Systems Compared and Explained, Michelin PSS vs Firestone Indy 500 - Track Review, Michelin's PSS vs Firestone Firehawk Indy 500, 2020 G80 BMW M3 to bring More Than 500 hp, AWD, Lamborghini Aventador LP 770 SVJ Nurburgring Record (Video), How Limited Slip Diffs Make You Faster on Track, 2007 Saleen Mustang S281 SC Super Shaker Track Review, Michelin PSS vs Firestone Indy 500 Track Review. From its aggressive good-looking tread pattern to its top-rated performance on the street, this is a tire for serious driving enthusiasts. But these same attributes can cause your tires to wear faster. },

I'm glad I went with the Michelins, it was the better choice. Another one on the list for best high performance summer tires – The 595 Evo is Federal’s premier ultra-high performance summer tire formulated using state of the art technology to provide the ultimate driving experience when driving at high speeds. Here, we have a list of the best high performance summer tires.

Happened to choose these over RE-71's on a really wet autocross day and they were amazing in the wet! Delivering excellent dry and wet traction, the Potenza RE-11 from Bridgestone uses some of the same technology that you find in their Formula 1 and Gran Prix 2 race tires. Designed for powerful, sporty, and high-performance vehicles – the new Pilot Sport 4S offers unparalleled driving pleasure, due to its exceptional design. Thanks for the reviews. Would a tire like the firehawk Indy 500s be a noticeable downgrade? I had my concerns, though. I'm not sure how that translates to the rest of the world. Join me in wishing them the best of luck this upcoming racing season! I unfortunately don't have objective results (lap times, more on that in a bit) between all except the PSS and the Indy 500's.


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