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The Id Regardless of which is true, both versions imply that he is obsessed with donuts. through the memory areas in Andonuts' Magicant. However, using the least and greatest possible years for 198X and 199X, (1980 and 1999), it is possible for Dr. Andonuts to be Lloyd. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Like us on Facebook! Every part of Dr. Andonut's mind has at least some degree of black humor in it. Joke Battles Wikia is a FANDOM Comics Community. Varik After Ness and co. bring the required element that Dr. Andonuts claims he has never seen in person before, he and Apple Kid work overnight to make the Phase Distorter work. Editors note: In the hack, Dr. Andonuts blames himself for killing his son, Jeff, by sending him through the phase distorter (labeled as a death trap in the hack), along with the other protagonists in Earthbound. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Undertale - AU where everything is the same, except Sans’ dialogue just before you fight him is the same as Dr. Andonuts’ from Halloween Hack. He also states that he feels sorry for Porky, as he can never exit the capsule. However, Dr. Andonuts warns Ness and friends that they should be sure they are prepared and ready to leave, as they might not be able to come back. He has red shoes and black glasses/shades. Along the way, he encounters increasingly horrible things as the adventure takes him all the way to Winters. This is based off Toby Fox's halloween hack. The "Blue Antoid" enemy is named after a forumer on Starmen.net. After Ness's travels through Magicant, Dr. Andonuts, Apple Kid, and Gerardo Montague can be found in Saturn Valley with what they state is a working Phase Distorter. Dr. Andonuts Relationships An anachronistic Bounty Hunter named Varik (of Brandish fame) is hired by ex-mayor B. H. Pirkle, now campaigning on a law & order platform, to track down a mysterious creature who mutilated and ate a little girl's parents in Twoson. They also add the ability to repair biological functions and save progress. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, * So what you're tellin me, is you came all the way down here. Considering the "courage" you frequently talk to in his Magicant sounds like it's speaking as if it's each one of them, respectively, and seems to know things Andonuts' himself shouldn't... (Such as the fact the chosen four. Physical Description Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Eye color He uses basic attacks and strong PSI (magic) attacks: Rockin, then Fire, then Freeze. The fight didn't really have any kick to it. The language was really pointless,it kinda ruins it a little. Recurring Riff: Twoson in the fall. ", "ED'S NOTE: HAHAH NO IT IS NOT BEEF IT IS PORK". @gregory-dooms: Can you make Sonicgreg06's Anger? Mad Dummy during the fight. Human(?) I wasn't insulted, I just wasn't sure what you meant. Prior to the events of EarthBound, he was the first leader of Winters' Snow Wood Boarding School's Ultra Science Club and invented the Instant Revitalizing Machine and Sky Runner before starting to design the Phase Distorter. In that case, Press The B Button, Stupid! You start out by fighting Dr. Andonuts's defenseless Id. The most infamous being his "PSI Bitchkill" (Starstorm) attack (which deals instant KO damage but the player is kept alive because of the rolling HP system in Earthbound). by Gaz:https://soundcloud.com/skeletonpsychologist the chosen four never returned from the past in this timeline, The narrator engages in non-stop, game-ending laughing if you die to Dr. Andonuts at the end of the game, the same ones who were transported to the alternate timeline, who have somehow figured out a way to bridge the gap and attempt to help Dr. Andonuts back to sanity? Sounds of Silence recreation by Enocyre:https://soundcloud.com/enocyre1 Dr. Andonuts and the narration itself try to shame the player for attacking the poor insane wretch the scientist has become. When Jeff escapes his boarding school and eventually meets his father in his lab, Dr. A… However, he also recommends using Boney as bait, much to Boney's chagrin. However, this is actually the second version (the prototype they created was stolen by Pokey Minch), and fails to teleport, causing Dr. Andonuts to speculate about the missing material. アンドーナッツ博士 Please...please let an old man rest in peace.”: "..." The conversation over, Dr. Andonuts particles’ get disintegrated into the far depths of the aforementioned machine. Please download one of our supported browsers. Some time ago, I sent out a call for some writing prompts for practice on my blog, eventually receiving one for Hinawa’s pregnancy. Dr. Andonuts also asks Jeff if he wants a donut. * To kill my brother. "tl;dr - eat shit, faggots" – Dr. Andonuts. While socially controversial, it is very possible for Dr. Andonuts to have fathered Jeff at the age of 17. 1980 to 1999 is 19 years, making Lloyd 30 in Earthbound. Mad Dummy is a ghost monster living inside a dummy located in the Garbage Dump. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. occurs and that he had Jeff when he was eight. Megalo for him: OBLITERATED (original). * ..... You'll have to search out your own ROM though or extract one from a cartridge yourself, as per-wiki policy. When Ness and friends repeatedly accept this risk, Dr. Andonuts takes Ness's red cap to put on his robot, and the four wake up in the Phase Distorter 3 as robots before warping through time to the Cave of the Past. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a random image. So Andonut's colour (skin and garment) is only to show that he's become consumed with evil thoughts. Nevermind that he is creating murderous monsters to kill all life. Dr. Andonuts is last seen in-game rolling the Absolutely Safe Capsule along the ground with an oblivious Porky inside. After that, he starts spewing swears and insults at the main characters.[1]. Also, the Amalgamate has New Age Retro Hippie as its battle theme. Though as far as I can tell, you only made at most two of those attacks. He was originally a sane man until you destroyed "The Id" which was his intelligence. This isn't your average Halloween game, though — its content is comparable to games like Silent Hill and Yume Nikki. Varik enters Dr. Andonuts's mind and discovers the reasoning behind his insanity. He's not trying to call you gay so much so as he is telling the party they will burn like firewood. Dr. Andonuts dies and Varik is kicked out of his Magicant, but Andonuts dies in agony and torment, still thinking he killed his own son. The Id (previous form) Dr. Andonuts is also alluded to being the creator of the Claymen by an unnamed Pigmask who was only able to remember part of his name. Foolish! If you murder him without bothering to enter his mind, the game treats it as a bad ending in which Varik died or went insane. Hair color Dr. Andonuts blames himself for the deaths of his wife and the Chosen Four. Editors note: in Earthbound, when a character, humans in particular, are turned evil by giygas, they turn purple. Sadly, it doesn't end well. This is based off Toby Fox's halloween hack. I'm not sure if the old ending would have been cheapening if … He also does the following boast when switching to fire attacks.


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