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[103], Kaiba and Yami met up with the others and got the location of Paradius headquarters from Rebecca. At the age of fourteen, he invested in five businesses owned by his father's private investment company, KC Holdings; a laundromat, a gas station, an Egyptian-Japanese Fusion themed buffet restaurant, an auto dealership and a car wash as a test designed by his father to prove Seth's business and investing acumen. Gozaburo insisted that he does and he must learn that he can't even trust Gozaburo. The next day, Kemo found Kaiba on the island and pointed a gun to his head. The two "Blue-Eyes" easily defeated Armed Ninja. Among one of the recurring plots is Seto Kaiba being forced to deal with either people adversely affected by Gozaburo Kaiba's actions, wanting to take their revenge on Seto himself, or people from within KaibaCorp attempting to take over the company. He said that he is not proud of every decision he has made, but they were all made in favor of getting the two of them a better life. He knows moves like Dragon Claw, Outrage and other Dragon-type moves. The gang eventually found themselves in front of a railway car big enough for all of them. [140], Outside the cavern, the group met the Ishtars, who were ready to take Atem to the Shrine of the Millennium Stone where he can finally be laid to rest. But the Big Five plead with Kaiba, and gave him the complete virtual reality game as a peace offering. According to several of Kaiba's mortal enemies, Dragonite is a rare Pokémon he got from a trainer who he forced into bankruptcy. The next day, Kaiba read The Adventures of Robin Hood to Kisara and told her his first name, Seto. His Secret Santa recipiant was Mikey and Mokuba gave him some sweets. He later develops a supposed hatred for her. [10], Gozaburo appeared in the sky before Noah and his prisoners, revealing that he had digitized his mind after losing KaibaCorp to Seto. Their main Pokémon (Blue and Herben) are even shown to have romantic feelings for each other. There, his antagonistic relationship between Frank is shown. Yugi admitted Kaiba is a strong Duelist, but he was defeated by the monster in his heart called "hatred". Kaiba grew suspicious of Zigfried, who had entered the tournament under the name "Zigfried Lloyd", when he saw him announce to a surveillance camera that he has a special show in store for Kaiba, before Dueling Rex and Weevil, who snuck in. [98], On board a company plane, as Kaiba and Mokuba notice a bizarre light phenomenon outside the window, the pilot, who is Alister in disguise reports that there will be some turbulence. However, Mokuba started to cry that Yugi and Joey were right about Kaiba being filled with hate, Dueling for all the wrong reasons and never having fun anymore either. He refused to provide finance to Crump to build his dream penguin theme park. The vision of the city faded shortly afterwards and the Duel continued on the airplane. Kaiba and Yami took an underground passage into the building. Character Guidebook: The Gospel of Truth,, The Graduation Duels Begin! Kaiba managed to Summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Seto suspected, but can't believe it's to do with Gozaburo, since he is dead. [87], Kaiba reconsidered and decided to help Yugi, despite hosting the tournament to beat him. [121], Kaiba prepared for an attack on the computer system, such that he would be able to completely back-up the system should it get damaged. Kaiba figured that Dartz is also in charge of Doma. He makes his duel finale against Yami Bakura, where he once again relies on his "Blue-Eyes" and uses cards seen in previous seasons to summon it to no avail as the duel is called off resulting in an undecided outcome. When Yugi was forced to battle the "Dark Magician", Kaiba was glad that he stuck around. Although he didn't answer, Ishizhu said that since his fate was influenced by the gods, Kaiba should witness this event with his own eyes (in the dub, she said that although Kaiba won't admit it, he is here to witness the Pharaoh's final rite of passage). Even when Kaiba preaches that no one gets away with trying to take over his company, he risks KaibaCorp when Dueling Noah for Mokuba. He tried to trade for the card and buy it, but Solomon refused, since the card is of high sentimental value to him. [128], Despite Leon losing the Duel, Zigfried believed the virus had done enough damage to destroy years worth of programming, but due to his earlier preparations, Kaiba was able to restore everything.[122]. He created a holographic Colosseum of spectators around the top of the tower for the Duel. Kaiba in the war struck city, playing an improvised game of chess with Aaron. After Kaiba lost to Yugi in their first Duel he makes a conviction to vanquish Yugi and becomes his arch-rival throughout the series. Blue-Eyes White Dragon & Blue Eyes Ultimate DragonObelisk the Tormentor (formerly). This gives him difficulty when forced to rely on others and work as a team. His cards are intended to be pugnacious, bellicose and vicious to reflect Kaiba's serious, stiff, and uptight personality. Even when Kaiba preaches that no one gets away with trying to take over his company, he risks KaibaCorp when Dueling Noah for Mokuba. Zorc then threw another fireball at the ring, destroying it and throwing Kaiba back. (In the dub, Kaiba believed that Pegasus was behind the problems and Mokuba suggested that it could be Alister. 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship 2005, Yu-Gi-Oh! [67], Having lived in Seto's shadow, Noah needed to prove that he is more deserving of the position of president of KaibaCorp and cannot do that through cheating. After Darin volunteered to look after Isis during that time, Seth promised to return right back home after helping Kira. Alister vowed to hang Kaiba's soul on Mikey's tombstone and the Duel began. Before leaving, he told the group about Pegasus' Duel with Keith, so Yugi and Joey know what they are up against. The cards would be produced once they received the wave aura from space. (In the dub, he mocked Joey for relying on luck to win his Duels.) Gozaburo revealed how he had used Seto to motivate Noah and previously planned to use his body to host Noah's mind. Kaiba later learned that Tea was pregnant again. He also shows Mahad that the will also says that Mana's supposed to be taken care of in the most convenient way possible. [72], Gozaburo imposed a game of Duel Monsters for Seto to play for his freedom. At the age of twelve, he made his first stock market investment by acquiring nine shares of Sasuke Industries Preferred for himself, and three for his sister Isis as a birthday gift. [80] Yami and Kaiba each managed to Summon their respective Egyptian Gods. [142], After Yugi won, Kaiba watched Atem pass on into the afterlife. Kaiba then tossed Solomon into the dungeon for trespassing. )[153], When Pegasus met Aster Phoenix at a party he listed Kaiba as one the best five Duelists he has ever met. He ends up in a relationship with Ishizu Ishtar. During Seth's duel with Gozaburo, Kaiba advised Seth not to let Gozaburo discard his hand. [144][145], Kaiba bought Duel Academy, a school that trains people in Duel Monsters. In the Japanese version, he is just civil towards them. was the only reply of one stoic KaibaCorp CEO, also known as Seto Kaiba. It was a day that nobody thought they'd see.


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