does jeremy die in season 4 episode 15
Home; 2013; February; The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 15 “Stand By Me” SNEAK PEEK: Jeremy Dead? The guy's a werewolf - he will kill me the first chance he's got, so suck it up or leave. In the Mystic Grill Jeremy comes over to Bonnie who is with Luka and Jonas and then escorts Bonnie to the billiard table and they start playing pool. He hands Jeremy a letter and his ring, asking him to give them to Elena. Damon telling Elena to turn off her humanity so she would survive her overwhelming grief was brilliant. Caroline left Tyler a voicemail to call her (he never would), and Stefan tried to give her a pep talk: Katherine had been running from Klaus for 500 years, so it is possible Tyler will be okay. (A girl can dream.). Damon didn't want to hear Jeremy say she was dead. He was later at school with Matt and told him that he was seeing the start of the Hunter Mark, but was interrupted by Shane and April. Close. In Rose, it is Jeremy who helps Stefan figure out that Elena has been kidnapped saying "It's cool that you guys are back together but if Elena's gonna stay over, I need to know so I can cover for her." Upon Landon and Rafael waking up chained, Jeremy assists them and had already killed the werewolf hunter. February 14 2013, 5:59 PM PST. Elena hugged him and told him Bonnie would be there and everything would be fine. Tyler tries to convince Caroline that it’s just temporary, but she knows that finding a solution could take a long time and she wants him to live his life. Why do you think Katherine wants the cure? Jeremy wakes up and launches a knife at Liv's arm and drags Kai into another room, while forcing him to start up the spell again. In Rescue Me, Liv Parker cruises up to the bar, orders a bottle of gin, and then joins Jeremy at a secluded table. Jeremy continued to relay her messages as she stood next to Elena, Matt, and Caroline and said goodbye. Katherine attempts to feed on Jeremy again, and Stefan rushes into the tomb to save him, and gets trapped himself. Jeremy falls on the ground while Bonnie is watching in shock. See All Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions, Please read the following before uploading. Damon is forced to tell them both that Jenna was killed. Jeremy approaches Bonnie at her welcome back party in the dorm and touches her shoulder, bringing her back to the living after she communicates with the elderly woman staring at her beforehand. October 13, 1994 (Mystic Falls, Age 34[1]) I assume it was meant to contrast with cold-hearted Elena just staring at the old photo of her and Jeremy. Elijah says he will finish the job.


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