do musk turtle bites hurt
The Turtle’s bite can be really painful and can hurt real bad creating serious skin bruises and also broken bones in extreme cases. I just dont think my dignity will heal so quickly.. lol, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. My 4 inch pascagoula map has bitten people lol. Well I was thinking about buying a turtle. Lastly, female turtles may be suffering from dystocia if they are not eating. For a pair of adults in a 40-gallon aquarium, I recommend the Fluval U3. But take care that the dried foods can be shrimp or meat protein. While the common name usually refers to We already know that they like to eat shrimps. Signs to look out for include loss of appetite, Some aquariums even feature photoluminescent aquarium substrates such as the Glofish aquarium gravel. However, if the They are YBS and Map. These accessories can also serve a practical function. Musk turtles are primarily carnivorous and may not accept plant foods. It surprises me that I jump but dont hurt. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, Learn about Stinkpot’s Behavior and Temperament. Typically, wash the bite with soap and water then bandage it. As you may expect from the name the Flattened Musk turtle has a shell that is more flat rather than high domed. If you are keeping your musk turtle in a natural pond that has fishes and some aquatic life too, don’t worry, the turtle won’t eat them. Another light source to consider is the sun. Hypovitaminosis A – Hypo implies “Less.” This is a condition associated with less than the required amount of vitamins in the turtle’s body. Especially Vitamin A, lower amounts of vitamin A leads to the optic and respiratory issues. Turtles aren’t the most interactive pets. If you buy a common musk turtle, rest assured that you are in for the long run. She may seem well at the beginning. These are useful when you need to feed several reptiles and amphibians. So, if you experience any of these symptoms with regards to the turtle, take it to the vet immediately. Dystocia implies that the female turtle is not able to lay eggs. For hatchlings and juveniles, the Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food (Hatchling Formula) is perfect. What to do if the turtle refuses to eat anything? I can tell you that yes as your YBS gets bigger it can break the skin, it actually didn't hurt at all though. Some signs of the other more dreaded form of parasites include weight loss, fatigue, and diarrhea. Would the musk turtle hurt my oscar, or try to eat him? That’s why; Mother Nature has provided them the way to escape the predators by using the strong, repelling, and foul smell. As stinkpot releases the foul smell (a lot of bad smell), you will have to clean the tank more frequently than you realize. They are feisty creatures that can make your life more enjoyable. There are two subspecies of the loggerhead musk which are the Stripe Neck Musk Turtle and the Nominate Loggerhead Musk Turtle. It doesn't mean they will, but they could.Some turtles have nothing but attitude and will bite at the drop of a hat. It’ll not only be easier to clean but lend them enough space to walk around and explore. No biting though! By This genus can be found basking on tree trunks and branches of trees overhanging the water. Yes, the stinkpots can also eat pre-made protein pellets, especially the bred captives. As they live long, they require a lifelong You can also use a fluorescent light to provide the needed UVB rays. I recommend a tank with a capacity between 20 to 40 gallons. She even leaned her head back , to try and go for it. Find out the best type of pelleted for the common musk turtles available in your region, and you are good to go. Ideally, the water temperature needs to be around 75 F. The basking temperature needs to be around 90 F. Use a basking lamp such as the Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB & Heat Lighting Kit to achieve the needed temperature. Plus, eating live food is also not a big thing for these small yet spunky reptiles. I was going to put him in a 100 gallon tank with a large fish (about 10 inches). The common musk turtle is one of the most loved turtle species. As already mentioned, they prefer shallow waters and don’t need a tall aquarium. Depends on how bad the bite is when it comes to treatment. Feed hatchling every day, and pre-adults every other day. With this guide, we will introduce you to these fascinating little turtles and their general lifestyle. They are nocturnal beings. This is because they are easy to care for and are small. Wild common musk turtles will get enough light exposure from the sun, and they will self-learn to adjust their bodies to get the optimal amount of light for vitamin D3. On the IUCN Red List, all the species of the genus Sternotherus are listed as of least concern except the flattened musk turtle which is critically endangered. Brock Yates has a passion for educating people about turtles & tortoises. Just give it what the turtle ate the most before this behavior. Moreover, if live food is not available, dried foods and other packet-based foods will also work. A good substrate is one that doesn’t dissolve in the water. The lifespan of musk turtles is long. That finger was out of commission for weeks. Flattened musk turtles can live to be over 20 we're a friendly crew around here, BUT I have a sick slider male that's getting injections, and he's only four inches so I didn't bother to put a towel over his head, and he got hold of the tip of my finger and wouldn't let go! an average lifespan of 55 years. A whole limb is pushing the envelope a bit. So, purchase a flat-bottom tank and fill it with underwater debris and food. One of the most popular turtle basking platforms is the Penn Plax Turtle Tank Topper – Above-tank Basking Platform. However, in captivity, common musk turtles have Crickets. A 20-gallon tank such as the Marina Led Aquarium Kit (20 Gallons) is adequate for a single adult. Check the Temperature – Common musk turtles have body sensitivity to coldness, the turtle won’t eat if the temperature of the pool tank is lower or cold. bigger than yours and was only a nip, and isn't a serious bite at all, but I can only assume that as he gets bigger so will his bite. Ahhh, not looking forward to that at all! So funny! with captive-bred reptiles. Can I give a mixed diet to my turtle? Similarly, vitamin d deficiency can lead to metabolic bone disease. Plus, they love high-protein diets (we will discuss the food later). You should try it and let us know...all for the good of the community. Basking is essential as it allows the turtle to dry off. However, to confirm the presence of the worms, you may need to take the common musk turtles to the vet for a fecal exam. clear. However, tackling hypovitaminosis A is simple. The Giant Musk Turtle is another one of the larger musk turtles and spends the majority of its time in the water.


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