distillate yield calculation

Percentage conversions from one volume to another isn't differential calculus. by Husker » Thu May 24, 2012 11:50 am, Post

Prausnitz, J. M. (1981) Calculation of Phase Equilibria for Separation Processes, Reid, R. C., Prausnitz, J. M., and Sherwood, T. K. (1977). Our goal is always a 10% yield and we typically achieve a 10% yield in total cannabinoid, not just THC. Sorry to revive a zombie, but there's one thing I'm reading and re-reading but just not getting... on the main site. 844.587.5874.

Distilling essential oils and hydrosols... Nope no chart.

To many variables. I actually calculated the profits from selling crude vs. distillate at less than 5% overall yield and the numbers come out about the same if you just sell the crude. Porter, K. E. and Jenkins, J. D. (1979) The Interrelationship between Industrial Practice and Academic Research in Distillation and Absorption. The distribution of wealth has nothing to do with logic or technical prowess my friend.

Go figure? Other discussions for folks new to the wonderful craft of home distilling. Coulson, J. M. and Richardson, J. F. (1978), Fredenslund, Aa, Gmehling, J. and Rasmussen, P. (1977). Would like to discuss peoples experiences with regards to what an acceptable yield is. YMMV. Anything less and you’re starting to lose money. Porter, K. E., Momoh, S., and Jenkins, J. D. (1987).

by CuWhistle » Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:02 am, Post Symposium Series 104, A449. from extraction to distillation what should one expect to recover? I’m guessing 70% is the high bar…but my distillation tek is a work in progress so I don’t have solid numbers for crude to distillate yet. http://homedistiller.org/calcs/husker_pot_calc_v2.php, http://homedistiller.org/calcs/alcohol_yield, Small Scale 1.25" Two Reducer LM Head For Stripping Plus Reflux Column Extension.

First we calculate the molar mass of a mole of C 6 H 12 0 6 by using the periodic table to find the atomic mass of all the atoms in the glucose molecule.

Yes, he converts from mass to volume without actually spelling it out for the newbies - a real big jump for those new to this sort of thing. I hear '“why was this yield so low” from bosses because they are comparing each run to a generated historical mean. % yield = actual amount obtained x 100 / maximum theoretical amount possible % yield = 4.1 x 100 / 4.4 = 93.2% (to 1dp, 3sf) More examples of % yield and atom economy calculations in section 6.-% yield calculation Example 14.2a … The very best folks I have known who pull off great wealth from no starting stake like inheritance understand fully what P.T. Trim to distillate: I’ve seen anything from 2-7% overall yield. If they have to guess the potency of both ends of the equation (biomass & distillate) it’s not going to be a particularly accurate number. This percentage, or the commonly referred to “yield,” is a practically meaningless number. This would equate to a “yield” of approximately 20% (90 g divided by 454 g = 19.8%). You get what you get. Barnum understood. Trim in my example: low potency trim acquired at a low cost. Extraction seems very close to analytical testing in that we are essentially performing an extraction/sample prep/ analysis…. Hillbilly Rebel: Unless you are one of the people on this site who are legalling distilling, keep a low profile, don't tell, don't sell.

by oliver90owner » Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:07 pm, Post

However, we do use some > 20% flower for select distillate products. (1989) Distillation Operations, McGraw-Hill, New York.

Distillate Yield data of PSU Refineries. To calculate the theoretical yield we first need to determine the molar mass represented by 77 grams of glucose. Im sure these numbers will differ a bit depending on winterization time, scrubbing(medium used), and filtration. Strigle, Ralph F. (1994) Packed Tower Design and Applications: Random and Structured Packings, Gulf Publishing Company, Houston. Porter, K. E., Momoh, S., and Jenkins, J. D. (1987).

Fredenslund, Aa, Gmehling, J. and Rasmussen, P. (1977) Vapour-Liquid Equilibria using UNIFAC (Elsevier).

A final consideration that is often overlooked, is that 1-2% of the cannabinoids will always remain in the biomass. I don’t always check the potency on my input, but I have that ability, and it’s been really helpful when looking at process efficiency. Prausnitz, J. M. (1981) Calculation of Phase Equilibria for Separation Processes Trans. My current job has used the logic described by others. I do the maths most times and it is pretty well damn near predictable, as it should be.

Distillate Yield : Refineries. It looks pretty lossy to me…, Our starting material is around 12-15% THC. by oliver90owner » Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:11 pm, Post 1, Part 1 (1977), Part 2a (1977), Part 2b (1978) (Together with W. Arlt) and subsequent volumes. right?

That's the beauty of physics and chemistry. 8512grams*.7(we lose 30% through winterization and filtration) = 5958grams.

If the stock market was a person and behaved in the same general manner they would be institutionalized as paranoid psychotic folks with severe bi polar disorder, PTSD, grandiose ideation, major depressive disorder, and … Trying to make sense of it is sort of like paying PT Barnum one dollar to see a three headed goat just to prove it is not real…, Correct me if I’m wrong but it would depend on your starting material. However, my argument comes to wanting to know how much we could have gotten in any particular run, and from their knowing not what our historical yields are, but how well we got what we could have. by bluenose » Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:01 pm, Post I. Chem. The complex nature of this calculation means that nowadays all multicomponent column designs are done by means of computer-based numerical methods [see, for example, Prausnitz et al. based on my guess of overall process efficiency. What he was referring to was that knowing full well that an exhibit was bullshit a young man was more than willing anyway to pay a fee to participate in hopes he would impress others with uncovering the truth of the farce. Stopping your strip run at 40% will leave some alcohol in the still.

The exception being folks who have more sophisticated in-house testing (why “ask a stranger”, when you’ve got the tools in hand?). 1.

I used 70% as my guess at process efficiency to wrap my head around how much biomass @JohnLong’s 53kg distillate in 24hrs represented.


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