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insisted on transforming each store to meet his high standards, and he made sure to insert his own personality into each community where he established his brand. [2] Walter Kamphoefner, The Westphalians: From Germany to Missouri (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1987). John Berry. A month later, amidst a transitional period, Bernard Kroger stepped down as president. This trend toward assimilation was further strengthened in the 1870-80s, with the slowing of German immigration to Cincinnati. Nonetheless, B.H. Undeterred, Kroger pushed forward and within two years bought out his friend and partner. [3] Robert A. Tonnies, “A Brief Biography of Mary Gertrude Kroger, Nee Schlebbe, 1831-1918,” Cincinnati Historical Society (hereafter, CHS), 1991.

In the end, though, Kroger’s public demonstration of faith and confidence helped the Kroger Company push forward. [14] Later, as the business expanded, red and gold delivery wagons emblazoned with the Kroger brand and the addresses of Kroger’s stores rambled up and down the congested streets of Cincinnati, leaving an indelible image in the minds of all who saw them. By 1908, 200 horses and wagons were making regular store deliveries. By 1902 he had 40 stores, which he then incorporated as The Kroger Grocery and Baking Company. His parents, however, spent much of their youth in Germany. Enter a grandparent's name. In widely disseminated announcements, Kroger spoke to women on the home front, announcing: “Now we are calling upon the women to assist us in food conservation. [3], In later accounts, Bernard described his mother in reverent tones as a strict disciplinarian who was responsible both for the initial success of the family store and for instilling a sense of discipline in her children. In order to help support the family, Bernard dropped out of school at age thirteen and went to work as a clerk in Rheum’s German Drugstore on the corner of 5th and Broadway. Of course, these predictions of mutual benefit proved less than prophetic, and with the outbreak of the “war to end all wars,” and America’s eventual involvement in it, German-Americans found their loyalty questioned.

Known as the “Queen City of the West,” Cincinnati had undergone rapid manufacturing and commercial growth in the early nineteenth century, and it dominated the flow of trade on the Ohio.[4]. Bernard lived at address. Increasingly, a trip to the local Kroger turned into a one-stop affair: produce, bread, and meat were all at available at one location and for lower prices. daughter. One of nine children, Bernard was born on January 24, 1860, on the Western Row in Over-the-Rhine, a neighborhood then separated from the urban core of Cincinnati by the Miami-Erie Canal, which connected the Ohio River to Lake Erie. Kroger was born in the American Midwest on the eve of the U.S. Civil War. Let each American of German descent say to himself that his subscription to the liberty loan is and will be considered a test and proof of his wholehearted allegiance to America.” Speaking for the city of his birth, Kroger promised, “We are going to demonstrate that Cincinnati is loyal to the core.”, In keeping with this, Kroger took whatever steps were necessary to cast himself as an American businessman. Third: Advertise as liberally as business income permits. A new management regime took over and introduced fresh expansion strategies. Kroger. He was buried in Cincinnati's Spring Grove Cemetery. [8] “Barney Builds a Business,” 4, Pamphlet 650-B259 (CHS). Bernard married Katharina Heitmann. By the time the water had receded, Kroger suffered over $350 in losses. Explore genealogy for Bernard Kroger born abt. Kroger also invested in the creation of Provident Bank, selling his holdings in the bank in 1928, shortly before the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Suddenly the bubble burst and there were hard times just like those we have been going through.”[33]. view all Bernard "Barney" Kroger's Timeline. Her family owned a small farm and produced household items for the local market, though, like many, they struggled on a daily basis. Kroger was born in Cincinnati, Ohio the fifth of ten children in a family of German immigrants. In-house production in combination with wholesale buying practices increased efficiency, integrated the “middle-man” into the overall business strategy, and led to further price reductions.

In a story entitled “Kroger’s Peculiar Ways,” one local newspaper reported that the newly managed stores were, “showing evidence of the Cincinnati man’s famous cutthroat methods.” The writer went on to explain, “The cut prices are displayed in letters and figures which scream.”[19] It was clear that Kroger intended to seize the Dayton market by employing the same aggressive advertising and wholesale buying strategies that had proved so successful in Cincinnati. This profile has been identified as having no gender. Kroger's store, The Great Western Tea Co., succeeded despite numerous growing pains and catastrophes.

Therefore, although Kroger began his career within the German-American community, he quickly pushed to transcend ethnicity and create an American company.

1848) Bernard Heinrich. For more on Boss Cox, see, Zane L. Miller, Boss Cox’s Cincinnati: Urban Politics in the Progressive Era (1968; reprint, Columbus, OH: Ohio State University Press, 2000). If so, login to add it. By the end of World War I, the Kroger grocery store had evolved from a local neighborhood shop into a national business, and Bernard Kroger had become an American businessman. Tellingly, as his business outgrew “Over-the Rhine,” Cincinnati’s well-known German neighborhood, Bernard Heinrich became Barney Henry, and his business strategies moved beyond local tastes in an attempt to attract regional and national markets. Kroger's family lived above the dry goods store his parents owned.

AKA Bernard Henry Kroger. Second: Never sell anything except for just what it is, and don’t sell it then if it isn’t good. In 1902, after establishing forty stores in Hamilton, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio, and reaching $1.75 million (approximately $45.8 million in 2010) in annual sales, Kroger sought incorporation as the majority stockholder in “The Kroger Grocery and Baking Company.” Much of the company’s success is attributable to its decision to become the first grocery chain in the nation to operate in-house bakeries, which mass produced loaf upon loaf of affordable bread. wife. Wife: Rebecca Kroger (born Provusky) Children: Elsie Perretz (born Kroger), Harry Kroger, Gertrude T. Abarbanel (born Kroger) [35] B. Kroger Scrapbook and Manuscript Collection (CHS). His charitable works were extensive, and his efforts to aid local children’s organizations were unmatched. Rebecca Kroger. [28] Cincinnati Enquirer, December 13, 1917. WIKITREE HOME   |   ABOUT   |   G2G FORUM   |   HELP   |   SEARCH. [4] Peter M. Harsham, “A Community Portrait: Over-the-Rhine, 1860,” Cincinnati Historical Society Bulletin 40 (Spring 1982), 63-72. Bernard Kroger, 1817 - 1893. The grocery was not doing well, and the two owners made Kroger a manager. [6] In an article on German-Americans in Cincinnati, “The Cincinnati Germans, 1870-1920; Disintegration of an Immigrant Community,” author G.A. The following information is provided for citations. With his company stabilized, B.H. At the time, Kroger’s optimism and financial support offered buoyancy to a sinking ship; still, it is worth remembering that Kroger’s own confidence had been somewhat bolstered when, at the age of sixty-eight (and less than a year before the onset of the Great Depression), he sold his interest in the Kroger Company and increased his private wealth immensely while avoiding any personal loss. [2] Following the basic migration chain, Mary and her family arrived in Cincinnati but pushed on to the nearby German settlement of Minster, Ohio, after seeing recruitment posters that promised cheap land and a strong immigrant community.

Kroger planned to purchase a local grocery chain. 1822 in Prussia, and died 01 May 1889 in KY - Kenton County. The initials "G.I." Kroger grocery stores were the first in the country to sell freshly baked goods, meat, an… Many compared the wagons to those used by traveling circuses, and when a friend mentioned this, Kroger is said to have replied, “Good, if you noticed, so will other people. [6] G.A.


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