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I've recently been trying to finish up all the dramas that I've been enjoying since classes are about to start and I know that means less time to view dramas. tau gak...? I’m hopelessly addicted to These dramas but only thing is i am impatient and can’t read other language other than English. Ok, daritadi keknya gw belom sebut Yo! Hi, I’m interested in reading the whole Counterattack novel because I want to find if the doctor and the guy that always comes to the clinic will have a happy ending. judulnya ya ? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. So sorry for the blunder!! Why does it have to be cut!! “I know.” This is also why I liked the novel a lot, it makes me feel like I’m really reading a story in an authentic China setting. Mereka cuman sebatas bromance karena mereka sahabatan. Even native chinese readers might not understand the meaning of many of the terms (just like me) unless you are familiar with Beijing’s way of speech. That’s really long. It was a crazy marathon, wherever I went, I read. The Chinese government and their censor system fucks up most great gay web series with their editing. It’s crazily cute. sebulan. Email me and we could talk more. The next chapter to be out will be Chapter 47 by the other translators and it should be out in a week or so. klo yang khusus mereka ada kah? :-)). Tapi gak Cuma pasangan itu doang, ada pasangan lain yaitu Guo That’s 3 of the main characters already. Interesting storyline, tight-knitted plot development, black humour and unexpected sweetness. ada yg tau instagramnya gak. At 279 chapters and about 10 add-on chapters, this took me quite a long while to read. versi web drama CounterAttack kan ga full dari novel, jadi feelnya kurang begitu dapet. My opinions are my opinions good or bad. 'xxx' scene nya juga kurang banyak haha xD~ makasi udah mampir ^w^, Adakah yg tau ini dilanjut ke season 2 ga ya? I chanced upon the drama Counterattack: Falling in Love with a Rival while watching I Love You As a Man on youtube. Hahaha. sama actor-aktornya yang cukup unik. I’m your new fan ^^ keke thank you a lot for such a hardwork you’re doing for bringing we the readers happiness, I know translating chinese to english is not easy and there is lots of chapters zz so I wanna thank you for such generous heart to share your knowledge, time and effort for us thank you a lot .. One thing about this novel is that it’s written with Beijing slang. My general thoughts on movies, dramas, anime, RPG games, and music from East Asia. UPDATE: English translations now available: First 17 chapters here and remaining chapters here. Mereka semua gk punya instagram. I chanced upon the drama Counterattack: Falling in Love with a Rival while watching I Love You As a Man on youtube. series biasa, tapi bertemakan Boys Love ! Chinese online novel here. “When I left you, it wasn’t because I was materialistic.” You should check out the BTS. If no, leave your email behind! Always ready to launch into discussion about Taiwanese and Chinese entertainment and dramas. fightinggg!! Adooh aku pertama nonton yg EPs spesiaall nya yg so ukee pengen jadi seme trus doi selpi posting di weibooo aaarghh(///.\\\) emeeshhemesshhh semenyaaahh ahh :''''''''''"))))) anyway, good job buaat postingannyaa ((thumbsup)), Di ending season 1, Wu Suowei bisa dibilang 'jadian' sama Chi Cheng. 2015 kemarin, dan masih siaran sampai sekarang. “I know.” Season 1 cuma sampai 8 episode, sudah ada di youtube semua. I checked the e-novel (found on to get this information . Mereka straight kok cuman bromance doang :D. Lagu openingnya pengen punya .. Judulnya apa yahhh...... Di youtube cuma sampe 8 sebenernya lanjut atau stack sampe 8 nangung pengen liat ending nya. Buat fujoshi, jangan sampai ketinggalan, dijamin bikin , You’re welcome Appreciative readers like you is what keep us going! kaki tangannya Guo Chengyu. DON'T WORRY! kalo untuk yang "Chen Qiushi as Jiang Xiaoshuai (uke) and Cai Zhao as Guo Chengyu (seme)" story ada gak? and if I do, I will probably do up the full translation so you can look forward then , I just snooped around for a bit. yang punya instagram cuma si Cai Zhao: @cayzcayz . wOw this blog is definitely the best… Thank you for sharing us this story.. Suo Wei (uke). Read some comments and seems like fans of the book were not very happy about the adaptation as the novel characters are COMPLETE DREAM GUYS that cannot be portrayed by mere humans. while Wu Suowei gives up everything he has for Chi Cheng. Gw masih nunggu episode 7 dst, mohon balasannya. Strike Back. You’re doing a good deed.. balas yang ini aja, makaksih. Change ). There are many story arcs throughout the whole story that I love. “I know because he and I are now a couple.”. and never give up!!!! yang ngebahas tentang mereka berdua? I’ve checked the page of it and couldn’t read hard sentences since I’m only a beginner in Chinese. Sorry am a run on sentence kind of writer. I just like talking about East Asian pop culture. Powered by. So, kali ini gw mau bahas drama web series dari China yang baru aja tayang di YouTube (jadi ini masih anget banget), dan web series ini bukan web series biasa, tapi bertemakan Boys Love ! 0703逆襲網絡劇宣傳照花絮 Counterattack webseries publicity photos shooting clip - Duration: 0:52. This comment has been removed by the author. The posts about Gay East Asian dramas are becoming more constant but I do try to spread them out between posts if I can. mau tanya dong "addicted webseries" kapan ya tayangnya...?? You’re doing a good deed.. pls give me the link of counterattack Honestly, the web-drama was convoluted. Create a free website or blog at If every single detail is preserved and translated, it would take forever seeing how there’s only one translator at the moment (I think). Yeah, I think, and hope, that there will be an uncut version! Can any kind soul share with me where can I read the english version of the Addicted novel? The secondary couple is cute, but they drew the line pretty clear whereas the main couple is making fans really believe that there is a high possibility of them really getting together one day. I see attempts at trying to intertwine the novel into the drama but honestly, 8 episodes of 20 minutes each is not enough for a book with 279 chapters. aku lebih suka chi cheng :D karena chi cheng kyk cuek2 gmn gitu tapi care :Ddan aku jg mau nnya ni, chi cheng itu emg beneran gay atau gak? I’m doing my best to translate CounterAttack with my team of translators asap. Sweet banget soalnya, baru lihat komennya. di yt udah di banned. Lovesick the series,, I love it too (esp. “206 chapters in the first volume, 108 chapters in the 2nd volume and about 28 epilogues”? I’m going to keep going with the drama, but it makes me wish I could read the book! I happened to encounter this Counterattack web series on YouTube. :-)) Maybe this is why I felt like the novel is a hundred times better when I started reading it. I saw some of the BTS and it feels soooo like Chai Jidan. The bromance between Wu Suowei and Jiang Xiaoshuai is also strong because they have become each other’s pillar of strength. Oh my god this is the best gay series so far :D I really captivated by their interactions and acts, all the couple cute tbh but of course especially dachi and dayu!!!!! The book is so much better than the drama, it made me appreciate and love the characters so much more! Ga terlalu detil sih, makanya bakal dilanjut ke season 2 yang masih proses. I have not seen any new chapters added. You didn’t actually leave an email behind but you could mail me at or else you could directly contact the facebook group at You will most likely be referred to Anne Noh who is the main translator , Ps: You can also add me on facebook even though I’m not active and only use that for drama/novels related stuff . Karakter utama Counterattack adalah Chi Cheng (seme) dan Wu BL thailand juga bagus kek Lovesick the series XD. Jiang ini punya face yang imut kaya cewek (kalo gw bilang mah mirip, Chen Qiushi as Jiang Xiaoshuai (uke) and Cai Zhao as Guo It's no hard feelings. And now you make me the happiest writer ever. Another fact – Chi Cheng and Guo Chengyu were childhood friends and used to be best buds until a misunderstanding between them occurred, turning them into frenemies. I went on your site and saw that you are someone who like sweet, sweet romance so I think you would love it haha. Cause we have all kinds of stuff that is not censor USA. si dokternya gak ada profile nya di google. (Look for links here: ), And if you are interested in reading the novel, I just found out there’s actually translation going on here and it seems to be pretty decent, even though I haven’t read it haha. Hi, I haven’t read that novel nor have I been following any news about it. Indeed, both Counter Attack and Heroin are very long reads not easy to understand because of the amount of slang used. Punyanya weibo :), Yg jadi Guo chengyu ga begitu sukaa , tapi sumpee sweet nih series . Honestly, the web-drama was convoluted. 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