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His weapon is a large sword which can fire energy beams that act like razors, although because he first exhibited this ability while possessed by XANA, it might be that this was XANA-induced, and not actually a genuine power. When the Lyoko Warriors discover the existence of source codes, William appears to be the only one who does not have them.

's possession at William gave the complex love triangle between himself, Yumi and Ulrich some fresh air. Weapon He becomes convinced that William is doing anything he can to seduce Yumi, although, at this point, William's intentions were just to get to know her better. He tries to escape by devirtualizing himself, but he is captured and possessed again before he has the chance. He shows to be incapable of stopping her from going to the Factory in Virus. 's slave against his will. During Season 2, William is almost never seen talking with Jeremie. After the team infects the Cortex with their virus, William stands beside Aelita and the rest of the group and says that Aelita is strongest of them. He was the first character to receive a new, more modern/futuristic outfit in Jeremie's upgrade, although William's was given to him by X.A.N.A. This is the first instance of one of XANA's possessed slaves exhibiting free will, if only a bit. In Code Lyoko Evolution, the idea that X.A.N.A. In Lyoko Minus One and The Secret, he fights against his entire possessed class and a construction worker who is also under X.A.N.A. William Dunbar is a member of Team Lyoko and a ninth grader at Kadic Academy.

(though in the process, they would lose contact with Aelita's mother). 's possession, respectively. William falls even deeper in X.A.N.A. Odd then destroys X.A.N.A. Live-Action actor:

He is still very much under XANA's control, and XANA uses him do to his dirty work. However, on his first trip to Lyoko he was possessed by X.A.N.A., who quickly turned William into his most powerful general and the group's deadliest foe. Due to the program failing to prevent its enemies from succeeding, X.A.N.A. Once they are outside, X.A.N.A. –William to his new teammates in Final Round. English voice actor(s) branded suit (unless one counts the polymorphic clone from, Despite the possibility of X.A.N.A. She also notes to the rest of the group that she was captured several times by X.A.N.A and that anyone could have made the same mistake. The only time they talked in Season 2 was in Final Mix, when Aelita was fixing the mixing board and William offered her to be a DJ in the school party. and makes her his "prisoner". When William was repossessed by X.A.N.A. more than William.. Powers

Despite their rivalry, William has shown that he doesn't mind teaming up with Ulrich when the situation calls for it, as seen in Lyoko Minus One, when he joins Ulrich to rescue Yumi from X.A.N.A. William and Yumi make their way outside Sector Five, only to have the incomplete digital world showing the Digital Sea in the area. It is often indicated most things he does are done to improve his social status. William appears in the episode William Returns, where X.A.N.A. can also control William's physical forms when he is in different planes of existence. In A Bad Turn, William directly declared his feelings for Yumi, even trying to steal a kiss, but Yumi rejected him. X.A.N.A. It also shows that William is not following XANA willingly. Even after William joined the team in Season 3 and rejoined in Evolution, they are still rarely seen together. He is mostly known for being Ulrich Stern's primary competitor for Yumi's heart. He claims that love can 'drive him crazy,' and jumps at any occasion to spend time with Yumi. But his strong point, which catches the group's attention, is that he is really brave.

William but with some limitations.

In exchange, they earned double payment.

In the next episode, Down to Earth, the group manages to free William from X.A.N.A.

William might suffer from inner low self-confidence, but if this is so, he constantly wants to regret this and best his schoolmates. However, some aspects of William's prior poor strategy are still evident, as X.A.N.A. Mathieu Moreau He was the only character to obtain a X.A.N.A. William's new avatar was then tranformed into a deeply sinister form which consists of a black and red scheme, a tight collar, a fingerless glove on his right arm and a spike bracelet around the left, a double-strap buckle near one of his thighs and a circuit decorated on the other, and has an eye of X.A.N.A.

William has a pretty fine relationship with Odd. Traditionally, Zweihänders are wielded with two hands due to their great weight. In The Secret, William helps the Lyoko Warriors tremendously in their fight against XANA, doing everything except going to Lyoko himself. However, since the program X.A.N.A. warrior" sums up this version of William perfectly, as the real William is no longer able to fight alongside his allies as a Lyoko Warrior. In Down to Earth, William is finally freed from X.A.N.A. During this period, he even draws Laura's attention to the consequences her behavior would have on her being in the group. X.A.N.A. He needs it in order to attack Team Lyoko while in the Network, because all he can do is just pass through it; he can't affect it like Franz Hopper can.

William wields a big sword called Zweihänder. Weapon Once freed, he is seen in his own Nav Skid in, He was the last person in the real world to be possessed by X.A.N.A., before, However, a logical reason could be that the return to the past can cause Déjà Vu to those who haven't been scanned by the, It is possible that William dislikes chemistry class; this is said in. He is mostly known for being Ulrich Stern's primary competitor for Yumi's heart.

57 kg (125.7 lbs) Since his first arrival at Kadic, Ulrich was the only member in the group who had problems with William, due to both of them competing for Yumi's attention. Tools:Images Pending Seasonal Categorization,, In the French version of Code Lyoko, he is played by. If that wasn't bad enough for Ulrich, Yumi doesn't seem to mind it. When Sissi questions Aelita's personal life for a "scoop", the false William comes in to get her out. Afterwards he replaced his clone at Kadic and his affection for Yumi resurfaced. Despite this, they are still good friends. with the dead stare and eyes, he gets an unconscious Aelita ready to go into Lyoko, and makes sure she is with him at all times, using his Super Smoke ability to keep her like it.

XANA also made him a new version of a NavSkid called the Rorkal. The name loosely translates as "fort on a summit", a reference to Dunbar Castle, located on headland overlooking the North Sea. Physical information


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