charvel serial numbers
Keep up the good work! Posted by bls1313666 on Tue, 04/23/2013 - 17:56. What was the original finish color? There are many great oils made just for fingerboards, and more information is available at your local dealer. Jackson written on the headstock, no OHSC. James, if the back of the body of your Surfcaster has a mahogany finish and it has 2 lipstick pickups, this was known as an orange figured-top model. No cut out for the floyd rose. She is very jangly indeed through my old Cornell Romany Plus with a Rothwell Love Squeeze compressor .. love the lipsticks ! I’ll be happy to provide a photo once i’ve only managed to come up with a decent one… (only have detail photos at the moment). It is a strat style body with two humbuckers and a JT-6 Trem. I can say with certainty that they did as I own a cream white 22 fret bolt on neck serial number 950824. Who and how can I submit info on my Surfcaster? But any significant blemish or customization really makes them affordable. None of these guitars were made in USA. This was in the past 2 years, and yes, both of them are “real” MIJ Surfcasters (sound hole, shark fin inlays, toothpaste logo, etc.) Currently resides in Utah, USA, hi Graham, hello!!!, The owner doesn’t know the age of the guitar, The serial is 9660037. Serial numbers for the Charvel basses of this era are very difficult to decipher. Loving having something different from the norm. Look for a logo on the neck of the guitar reading "W.C." or alternately, "W. Still own it – no plans to get rid of it. That’s a classic surf by the way. Basically, the Surfcaster Std. From what I can gather, they were made in the mid 1990’s and probably made in Japan, which means the build quality is probably pretty decent, but the design doesn’t really lend itself to a good sounding acoustic guitar, hence, the lack of demand and lower value. Please give us more details about your 2 Surfcasters. I’ll post serial and pics. Posted by Tong on Sun, 09/23/2018 - 10:18. Working conditions. If this unit is on your guitar that would positively date it to 1987 or later. I’ll browse the Jackson catalog scans and see if I come up with any relevant answers. I didn’t see an email for “Surfcaster” (?). serialnumber:281185 what model is ot,it has 2 jackson single coils and 1 umnb,a jackson floyd rose licensed tremolo : Yes, mine has a six digit number. If you've ever seen an Original Floyd Rose trem you will quickly be able to tell this difference. VIEW THE LATEST . I think that I paid about £400 for it + case (which is seemingly generic). The year of the Model series bass guitars (1B, 2B, 3B, 4B) can be determined using the same method as for the guitars described above. Two tuners were missing. I have what appears to be a Charvel Surfcaster acoustic electric guitar in black… I have only seen them online in colors other than black. Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 08/17/2020 - 01:23. Search eBay for pricing on Charvel versus Jackson Surfcasters, bearing in mind that some auctions are way over-priced. Charvel fort worth texas neck plate guitars are import charvels. Contact me if intrested Posted by K-mac on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 01:03. I would like to know infos on pick ups, and if how much are they worth. is a fairly early serial number. Only about 5242 guitars currently exist that were not manufactured by AMIC or the brand's current owner, Fender. Gina, Hi: Here’s one for the database: Serial Number 385871. or just a link that i can link to? Graham. body is a beautiful flame fireglow I meant “has” not “had”. bought it for $300. Now I’m putting it back close to stock from when I originally bought it. Previous Slide Next Slide; GUTHRIE GOVAN SIGNATURE. These were built in the 1991 – 1995 time frame and have serial numbers in the range 335XXX through 388XXX. The space between the string and the fret at this area should be no more than .020". Re: David’s guitar- I posted the pic on the Jackson/Charvel forum, and got some interesting responses there. It will have to go under variations. Believe it to be a ’91(?). So there are most likely both basswood and plywood versions of the 170 and 270 models out there. Let me know if you’re interested., I found a Surfcaster I think I want to buy and want some help on making sure it’s the real deal.


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