burberry london cologne discontinued

This is why I love my new hobby of collecting fragrances, they evoke emotions, and if you’re lucky, a cherished memory of some sort. 00 ($23.33/Fl Oz) Save more with Subscribe & Save. Welcome to the reformulation graveyard... Another one of my favorites has now been taken. This was a blind by for me and I would not recommend blind buying this one. The far dry down however is where it shines. The Olympia Bag New. But poor projection. Hair. It's a decent fragrance to buy on sale. Incredible fragrance, great for cool weather during any season. The performance? This is not a powerhouse performer, but excellent for work, school, a casual lunch date or informal dinner. I don't get the upfront tobacco note as others do so much, but it is there. In my quest for "darker"/spicy-tobacco designer fragrances, I came across this bottle that struck me as kind of gimmicky.

It's a mature type of scent, but it's not "old man" smelling. The new formulation has a really strong (and really unique) opening but on my skin, after 30 minutes it starts smelling a bit like Brut...though it doesn't last, and it settles into a powdery but distinctively masculine dry-down. On my skin, it gives off a strong smell of pastry too sweet for a 45 year old man.

Already so many reviews for this fragrance, nothing new to add about the notes but about an experience. Its a mature smell. It quickly settles to a well rounded sweet oriental Tobacco scent.

Because I'm biased I have wore this and asked co workers, family, and friends what they thought about it and they either just plain didn't like it or said they would only wear it or like to smell it around Christmas time. It's true what notes other remark about it and how evocative it is of a certain season, but I get this synthetic blueberry bubble gum or lollies smell through it. That slightly boozy smell that blends so well with the cinnamon and tobacco is port wine. It evokes the spirit of fall and winter, irrespective of the actual temperature (I live in Texas). I keep thinking I'll find a male scent that beats it, but this is still my favorite. And the price is also great. Christmas time, with al its magic. And what I found? In the beginning, it smells like a spiced fruit bread that people often give to each other around Christmas time (panettone? It reminds me of something my grandfather would wear when i was really young and he was in his 50s.

I actually don’t like the opening, it just smells like... cherry cough syrup to me (not trying to be funny, that’s the true first impression I get, Cherry Robitussin cough syrup). Take me in and you’ll forget all your worries. Beauty Almanac |. It's light and spicy, sweet without being sticky. I absolutely love it. I came to appreciation of Burberry London very late. London was created by Dominique Ropion and Jean-Marc Chaillan. Don't compare the two, they have nothing in common.

More of a classy refined kind of christmas. Solid 'like' for me! After 1 hr it sits very close. Opens up with a beautiful slightly damp smelling cherry tobacco with some freshness in the background.

Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring news, a database of fragrances, perfume glossary, fragrance forums, user reviews and more. But its a great fragrance nonetheless. No kidding but the cheapest of them all is the most unique and smells like the holidays. This is a very nice scent, awesome structure and depth. بطور خلاصه یه نوع عطرِ سبک، کاملاً هوشمندانه و واقعا تمیزِ "شرقی ـ گیاهیِ امروزی" هست که حول تنباکو می چرخه با یه تغییر رنگ آهسته ـ از سبز مانند، به ادویه ای، و به اون رایحه میوه ای ـ صمغی ـ گلدار که اشاره شد. Don't know where you're located but having just done a search found it at Sephora and Macys so I wouldn't worry just yet! So...Was Burberry London Actually Discontinued? Amazing woody notes with some beautiful complimentary spice.

, Where did you hear about this?

The performance, the longevity is just bad.

Had a Chanel Bleu Parfum and Dior Sauvage EDT test strips in front of me wearing this and several times I was like "what is that nice smell" it was the Burberry London... it's almost like a fuller, less citrusy Bleu just wish it lasted longer and projected better. Smells like sweet cherry with tobacco. Remy Cigar is a touch nicer in my opinion. I love the scent and yes it is Christmas in a Bottle but these days it is cheap enough and best used for bathroom spray due to its lack of longevity. A man thats lived through many wars and now has decided to put on cologne. Makes me seriously weak in the knees! I was expecting something loud and spicy. Performance is meh and I found half way though the dry dry down it turned weirdly metallic just like Eros. But in time my scent horizon have been widened, I've experienced hundreds of other perfumes, started to create my own, learned ingredients of all kinds, and hit the age 30. You can buy this for a song and thus, there is no excuse not to have it. perfect balance of everything...nice winter scent with moderate projection and longevity... gentle and comforting.. a solid like. Like Givenchy I get a lot of cinnamon and warm earthiness. Christmas in a bottle and very easily had for cheap.

It's biggest and only drawback is it's performance. Still great scent 8/10 overall, This is a very spicy fragrance. 6,736 votes. London for Men is the closest fragrance I can find to replicate that wonderful memory. Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring news, a database of fragrances, perfume glossary, fragrance forums, user reviews and more. 00 ($23.33/Fl Oz) Save more with Subscribe & Save. After all the hype and recommendations it gets, I find it hard to believe that what I smelt is what everyone else was so impressed by. Bags. For someone starting out a collection or looking for a great, cheap Fall/Winter scent, this is an excellent choice. it has flowers, tobacco, leather. Poor Performance stops this one from going to the next level for me.

Boozy, spicy, mildly sweet with some hints of tobacco.

If you’ve ever smelled a tobacco pipe and a Starbucks vanilla latte, just put those two together and you have London. Overspray this stuff and you'll stink the whole room out. Re: Burberry London Packaging has changed Originally Posted by ToughCool As an aside, I checked the backup I purchased from Fragrancenet earlier this year when I thought we might have this discontinued and batch code is showing 2008. So...I am confused. 8.5/10.

I was excited to try it and it kind of fell flat to me. A must have for the fall and winter. London for Men by Burberry is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for men.London for Men was launched in 2006. I adore cinnamon anything.

I struggle to smell this one on me after i have sprayed. And has good projection for up to 2 hours… then becomes more subtle and sits close to the skin. Changes a lot on my skin in the opening like every 5 minutes(citrus-woody-spicy). all blended absolutely amazing.


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