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Was the girlfriend of famed skateboarder Mark 'Gator' Anthony who later raped and murdered her best friend Jessica Bergsten.

... Kenna James hooks up with her single neighbor for extra cash, Forbidden Affairs Vol. Most often, her clients were younger business types who would introduce her as their girlfriend, or assistant or, simply, a friend.

She discovered she had a talent for massaging their egos. “It was me and one other girl.

“They say they love you,” Leann said quietly, “but when it comes time to end the relationship, they’re the first ones to turn around and say, ‘You ----ing whore.’ ”, The big pink scrapbook covers most of her life to date.

Her price was $400 an hour, three-hour minimum for local calls. Her eyes went narrow. Furious, they showed up at his mansion and told his wife, with all the dignity they could muster, that they represented a businessman to whom he owed money.

What follows are three tales culled from detailed interviews with more than a dozen high-priced Los Angeles call girls. The actress-model bounced over to a cabinet beside her big-screen TV, picked up a videotape and popped it in. We went to Paris for a week with an Arab prince who took us shopping at Chanel.” A real estate heir gave her $4,000 to spend the night. With a little notice, she could charge it to your corporate credit card and make it look like you had bought roses for the secretarial pool.
How to vote.

''Not only am I one of the most unique, dynamic and versatile skaters on the circuit, but I'm also one of the most blatant and outspoken jerks,'' he says, a smug grin firmly in place.

. “It leaves you wondering what’s it really like to, you know, make love? With scandal has come opportunity, and since the Fleiss accusations hit, L.A.'s call girls have scrambled to exploit their moment of fame. “It isn’t just, ‘Oh, I never thought it would end this way.’ I never thought it would end. Rizzo on the TV series, “Kojak” and who last month was sentenced to three years in prison for felony pandering. 11: Older Woman, Younger Guy, Sarah Williams (Bianca Burke) always picks the wrong man, Brandy Aniston fucking in the living room with her tits, Romi Rain & Ryan Mclane in Dirty Wives Club, Diamond Kitty & Ryan Mclane in Dirty Wives Club, Stretching Luna's Big Ass with Cock & Toy, Forbidden Affairs Vol. Her black book had home, office and car phone numbers of clients. We're 100% free for everything! She is 23, and since her friend, Heidi Fleiss, got arrested, life has overflowed with drama and possibility. He’s been in and out of (drug) rehab for a year, and he doesn’t have a cent.’ ”.

Brandi McClain came to the door in very short running shorts, a cutoff T-shirt and little wire-rimmed sunglasses. A month later, she was in Las Vegas, the guest of a wealthy, middle-aged man who took her gambling, dancing, dining and, yes, to bed. Then maybe to a club and then back to the house and then, well, whatever. ''I couldn't skate for the rest of the day.

As she sipped coffee at the Pantry, she self-consciously lifted her pinky and segued to the wild particulars of her life.
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Unable to make the transition, by 1990 he was washed up. Mr. Rogowski's voice, over crackling static, follows: ''I was a coward emotionally and mentally; I hate what I did.''.

Her gingham dress is breathtakingly brief. In an interview, the photographer acknowledged that he often introduced aspiring actresses to his friends, but chalked it up to his photography business--which, court records say, has included portfolios for Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Demi Moore. '', She said she eventually spoke with more than 100 people, with 36 appearing in ''Stoked.''. Fleiss’ enemies have hounded her from her plush townhouse on the Westside.

McClain and Rogowski hit it off and began a volatile relationship that saw them both appearing in …

Have sex. ''. Journalist Tony Harris narrates gripping true-crime series, Monster: DC Sniper, Anthony Garcia’s rage fuelled murders of Thomas Hunter, Roger Brumback and two others subject of ID’s Impact of Murder, Murders of serial killer Bernard Eugene Giles spotlighted on ID’s Evil Lives Here. Column: Millions in California voted for Trump. A movie producer took her to a Christmas party and introduced her as a member of his bowling team. You tell me one job where you can make $1,500 an hour. “You learn more about men than you would ever need to know for the rest of your life,” Leann sighed.

It would of been much cooler to see Lance, Tony, Tommy and Steve skating instead of lame ol' Gator.

Opening tomorrow at the Angelika Film Center in Greenwich Village and nationwide in September, ''Stoked'' is part cautionary tale, part 80's nostalgia trip, filled with rare film clips, photographs and interviews with skateboarding luminaries like Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain and the comical Jason Jessee.

The $12,000 she had cached in her teddy bear is gone. Instead, the man hogged the drugs, slobbered all over them, made them get down on all fours and repeat, “We love being your whores,” then tried to pay them with a rubber check and a fistful of expired credit cards.

The memoirs of Elizabeth Adams, the Beverly Hills madam, have been rushed into print. She acted as if each home were a mansion, each gold record or Oscar a chunk of the crown jewels, each trick a one-time adventure. Raised by a single mother in Escondido, Calif., Mr. Rogowski, a gangly loner, found skateboarding early in life. Fleiss, she said, told her that “she had very rich clients, that it was on a good level and I wouldn’t encounter any weirdos.”. He and his beautiful live-in girlfriend, Brandi McClain, were the skateboarding couple: they starred in skating videos together, they worked as models together, they even appeared together in a Tom Petty video. ''I know people with Gator tattoos.

Her sex and the fact that she does not skate made penetrating skateboarding's insular community difficult. Although their eyes locked, neither spoke. There were more legitimate ways to make a living, but few as glamorous.

Growing up in ''repressive Kentucky,'' Ms. Stickler said, she has always gravitated toward fringe groups. Reporters have dogged her.

Not only is this who we are as Americans. None were completely candid about the emotional costs of putting your body up for rent.

She had developed this phobia: She couldn’t fall asleep next to a man.

Here are the fruits of oppression, the wages of sin. Publicly discussing the fate of Mark Rogowski, a legendary skateboarder in the 1980's now serving 31 years in prison for murder and rape, was long considered taboo. mr_scary. It’ll say ‘based on a true story of Hollywood.’ ”.

She met rock stars at the club, and even dated a few, but it wasn’t the living she had in mind, and it left little time for acting lessons and auditions. Her mouth was tight. Say hello ta Maryann!’ What consenting adults do, I got no control over that.”. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. Ryan McLane was born in Indiana, USA. In the clatter of a Downtown diner, “Leann” rolled her brown eyes, simultaneously chuckling and chewing a bite of warm apple pie. It was in this spirit, the actress said, that Conti introduced her to a former California politician and Conti’s dignitary friend.

“She said ‘If you’re one of those girls he takes out to Palm Springs, you’ll have to get in line.

Her computer had the name of each client and the client who made the referral.

Brandi McClain. Like the time in Palm Springs when her friend set the two of them up with a fat, loudmouthed producer of professional wrestling videos. She had contacted the press, she said, because she had information about a fellow prostitute whose death she had heard police discussing on the evening news. “Do you know how many women are going to El Torito on a Friday or Saturday night and giving it away for three or four margaritas?” she said. Get current address, cell phone number, email address, relatives, friends and a lot more. Though I guess having a hot skater girlfriend is pretty key for a rock video.

His luck would change for the worse when vertical skating, his specialty, with its big ramps and aerial maneuvers, was supplanted by street skating, a more grounded version of the sport that relies on flatland obstacles like curbs and park benches. I did.”.

There was a Gator clothing line, Gator skate boards, Gator videos.

|  . In 1987 he met Brandi McClain and her friend Jessica Bergsten at a competition.

Here she is with Brandi in Las Vegas. '', Ms. McClain, now an art dealer in Dallas, said, ''I always thought he was a little off, but I never thought he was capable of murder.''.

News of Mr. Rogowski's crime rocked skateboarding. Tom Petty should have consulted Stacy about getting a pro skater for the video. Sometimes, however, she gave herself away. His comments, meant to be in jest, appear painfully sincere. A lawyer. Ms. Stickler initially had trouble convincing those who knew Mr. Rogowski that she was not interested in producing a ''skateploitation'' film. ''When I heard that Gator walked in to the police and confessed to murder, I got sick,'' Tony Hawk, a veteran pro skater, remembered in a recent interview. ''I heard that he'd killed his girlfriend, then I heard that he'd killed his girlfriend's sister, then I heard he was on cocaine and chopped up a girl,'' Helen Stickler, a New York filmmaker, said recently. Then one day she had a revelation.

Do what you want, what they want.”. Her circle, she said, was a quieter crowd, one that serviced older professional men.

Revered for his aggressive skate style and slick aerial moves, Mr. Rogowski quickly became one of the biggest names in the sport.

What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. ''He was smaller than I thought he would be, his hair was thinner and he was wearing glasses that were held together by tape,'' Ms. Stickler recalled. The San Diego home was fragrant with perfumed candles, its airy rooms spotless. Clothing companies like Vision Street Wear and concert promoters, looking to export the skateboarding subculture to the masses, came calling.

This is deeper than white grievance politics. “It was like living in a fantasy world,” the actress-model murmured, flipping through a big pink scrapbook commemorating her days as a $1,500-an-hour prostitute. Where to vote. She was 35, she said, had never met Heidi Fleiss and had been a call girl since the age of 29.

“She always seemed to have money, and she had beautiful furniture, and I thought, ‘How does she do it?’ I mean, she was in nursing school. Her nails, pale pink ovals, match her sofa upholstery. At 2:17. Her bright blonde hair was combed into a brief ponytail, and she dimpled deeply when she smiled.


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