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And to my knowledge, Gunther has never made an anti-Semitic slur. His parents were always poor, and when he was 6, his father and mother divorced. "He was honest about the fact that he doesn't drink coffee," Fasig said. Lighten up on Gunther. The jostling that Walsh complained about in the qualifying race continues. Did Angle really steal socks? "What Joe didn't realize is that this is entertainment. The case with Dr. Cotturo never happened? There's damage to the front end and to the right rear wheel. They just amputated his leg; they couldn’t save it after eight years of working on it. Gunther: So, tell me a little about your journey. Walsh traces some of his longevity to his ability to make money for the station. My childhood was horrible. That’s a memory that I have till this day, and that happened a long time ago. I say that because I read some of these stories in here, including the one about where you stopped to rescue a guy and pulled him out of a car, and right after you got him out, the car exploded. It's just after 8:30 p.m., and Walsh has drawn the No. Walsh crosses his arms, more from the cold than from frustration, as he watches Swinehart compete. It is Bernard Ohare 3 who has committed that crime. Maybe you should. Did he threaten cops? 11:08, Angle was never arrested. So the statement is a lie. Was reportedly he stealing all socks? Swinehart's 712 car has made the feature race, along with 28 other cars. Walsh has good rapport with the other people, both those on the air and behind the scenes, which wasn't always the case, he says. "We weren't considering WAEB as an advertising medium, but what impressed us was the fact that he believes in what he talks about. Hey Bernie, if you want to look into a real story check out the Bobby Guber Walsh racing team. Will Kane Ruin Hillary's Prospects in Pa? More facts on Ronny, after his sister enter the will of her father (was properly executed, witnessed and notarized) giving 4 shares to family members, her brother Ronny 8 days later enter a will with every thing going to him. It's simply a bald-faced lie. I don't think Walsh beat up his daughter and I don't think Angle stole hosiery. He's also done a demonstrably better job in the parenting department. A couple of comments from someone who tolerates and sometimes agrees with both Angle and Walsh...From the Morning Call:"According to media reports, Angle was arrested at a Monmouth County, N.J., outlet mall and charged with taking $125 in merchandise, and then fleeing in his vehicle. Drive time, especially the morning version, has always been important for radio stations, but it is even more important for an AM station such as WAEB, which generates much of its revenue and attracts most of its listeners during Walsh's morning program. 5:35, it was in The Express, but you don't have a link. Gunther has long had a wonderful relationship with his daughter. He shops at the Allentown Farmers Market, and raves about Mr. Bill's turkey bologna. For about a year, Walsh and Daddona debated -- and frequently ended up arguing -- over political issues. You are losing your equipoise. Its all quite amusing. When WAEB lost their identity and became part of FOX Broadcasting, Gunther thought this was his passport for saying anything he wanted about anyone. "I wonder how happy he is that you brought all this back up for discussion?P.S. Walsh doesn't drink coffee, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. Walsh also does voice-overs for cable television advertising, and for advertisements that are broadcast on other radio stations. Walsh is already talking about next year, even though the season at Grandview lasts until late September. Gunther: Joining me now is Bob Gerken…I’ve known Bob for a long time; he was a corporal in the Pennsylvania State Police and then retired from that after 25 years…did a bunch of other stuff including doing security for some pretty rich people that needed to have their homes and travel and everything else secure. As a radio personality, he shares the airwaves with conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy, who host syndicated programs on WAEB. Like many divorced men (even women for that matter) raising kids with a different concept of discipline from 'the ex' often leads to false claims of 'abuse.' berney, You are the biggest liberal lair since Bill said that I did not have sex with that woman. BG: Correct, a story to start it out with, followed by a Bible verse, and you see some sort of philosophy about the story and the Bible tied together. He was cited and released, just like a sppeder is cited and released. Penguin Running For U.S. Senate, NorCo Council Losing Patience With Cathy Allen. It takes precious time away from your main occupation of slandering others. The two nastiest and most outspoken critics of others is the tag team of ohare/angle. Daddona still marvels at the loyalty of Walsh's audience. The grandiose egos of these two, place them in a false world of "black and white" reason, and then cause further damage because, they cant possibly be wrong or imperfect in any way. You don't have to be Mezzaluney to know the Ron Angle story. He defamed Angle bc he is afraid that Angle might just do exactly what you suggest. Shes been frantically running all over west easton mounting her own write in for controller.


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