bmw r80 review
That in itself makes it a "fine" motorcycle. 'BMW have built their reputation almost solely on the touring virtues of their flat twins, so it was a pleasant reminder when I rode the R80 that a balance of performance and ride properties can produce a versatility based on excellent rather than average capability in every department.' The ST is perhaps the most desired R80 of them all. It has never broken down on me or left me standing on the side of the road like some newer and more expensive rides. While it is true it doesn't have the peak power of an R100, it isn't really that much less in actual practice. It doesn't like unleaded gas, it drinks only premium and still knocks a bit. BMW R 80 im Test bei MOTORRAD. The R80 is much smoother and the gas mileage is astounding. Luckily we have a registered BMW service agent in town who knows these bikes inside out. The service interval is 3K for just about everything. Profitieren Sie beim Motorradkauf von ausführlichen Einzel- und Vergleichstests sowie Dauertests und Fahrberichten zur BMW R 80. I now have a higher rated battery and have had the connections checked and all seems well just now. I own an R80/7 as well as an 83 R100 RS. Markets: Production: Name & Codes: Europe: 1984-1992: Name: BMW R80 Model code: 2472: USA: July 1984 – July 1987 Again, look at the bits and pieces -- good quality, no scrimping or cheaper production methods/materials were used in the manufacture of any BMW. The R80 is much smoother and the gas mileage is astounding. As with all Beemer airheads, parts are readily available if you know where to look. BMW R80: history, specifications, images, videos. The R100's probably would suit more riders. It's right … The R80s are even easier for an inexperienced rider to learn on than the GS series, because they have lower seats – a factor that seems to make new riders feel more secure. 2.6190476190476 out of 5 based on 21 user ratings. The bits and pieces on this are all allen screws, aluminum, billeted aluminum trees etc. I should have put some extra cash into a R100. Bmw R80 Mono Review By reza 20 Aug, 2018 Leave a comment 1987 bmw r80 you bmw r 80 gebrauchtes motorrad richtig espiat bmw r80 rt monolever 1986 bmw r80 project bike bob s While it is true it doesn't have the peak power of an R100, it isn't really that much less in actual practice. This is a geezer bike and I guess I'm just getting tired of turning wrenches at night for a couple of weekend jaunts through the hills. Its shortcomings in the power department are more than made up for in other areas. It's my only ride and has been my only ride since the early 1980s. No junk. I have not always taken care of it properly or even washed it for years at a time. I have owned this old bike for about 5 years now and enjoy riding it every day, about a 40 mile round trip. As typical with Beemers, this one is of great quality. Date 24.8.2015. I haven't seen too many going for less than 2500 and sometimes even 2900 to 3200. It is a superb long-distance tourer. Ever! I think the assessed value for this bike is somewhat low. The R80s are relative bargins, too. The Kawasaki KLR650 performed like a dirt bike but also had a lot of built-in comforts. This bike will run forever and is a comfortable ride. Presented by. Wonderful simple technology and built like tanks. It is a superb long-distance tourer. Buy 'em if you really need to. It has only let me down about three times in all that period, and always an electrical fault - usually related to non-starting. So there you have it. I've had this bike for over 20 years. The brakes seem weak. However, if your goal is a technologically advanced hard charging multi-miles, low service interval ride, check out something a little more current. Accessories are darn near impossible to find. - Bike magazine, July 1980. The only reason I've given this a 3 star rating is due to time passing this one by.


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