bioluminescence florida calendar 2020

Our bioluminescent kayaking tours are often called “the best thing to do in Florida for vacation.”  See this natural nighttime spectacle as you paddle around the warm waters of the Indian River Lagoon. *We have also included nights where the moon may not rise until later in the night so a bioluminescent tour will still be considerable during these nights. In colder months, you will see comb jellies. It was the perfect mix of relaxing fun and activity. The Indian River and the Banana River both have glowing algae. Of course! Our guides work off of the genorosity of your tips! Our kayaks are not manufactured to hold more than 425 per boat (each of our boats are tandem) and no more than 250 per either seat. Escape with us to the most pure and otherworldly experience that natural Florida has to offer. We’ve got the BEST bioluminescent tours in Florida as our clear kayaks provide the absolute best ability to view the bioluminescence! You should check out our Private Tomales Bay Camping Tour info below. Awesome time out on the water at Shell Key today. How to see Bioluminescence: Bioluminescence looks different throughout the year. The less moonlight, the brighter the bio luminous sea creatures will appear. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- When to go: We do this tour year ’round. In warm weather, you will see glowing plankton. We had Charlie as our guide. Charlie also made the experience that much better. Austin is a soon-to-be graduate of UCF-Rosen with his Bachelors in Hospitality and Event Management. Every stroke of the paddle, every move made by the living creatures below the surface, every splash made by your hand, becomes a mesmerizing illumination that looks like shooting stars across the night sky and the famous northern lights but in the water. This is when it appears bright, bright blue. Book online, and or call to book the same day 407-519-8711. The magic that Florida offers isn’t just found at Walt Disney World. I would highly recommend Get up and Go Kayaking! Dreams, wild adventures and creating your own sense of magic is right here on Florida’s Space Coast. Want more time with the bioluminescence? Sometimes you just want it all and it's the right thing to do. The brightness of the moon determines how well the bioluminescence can be seen. In other months, dinoflagellates will be present, but may be more like sparkles than glowing water. Bioluminescence tour/BK Adventure/Clear Kayaks-it's Pixie Dust in the water! When nature is stranger than fiction, there is nothing more awe-inspiring.

And we can help you. As the waters of the Indian River Lagoon cool down, the Comb Jellies move in.

With rocket launches, beautiful pristine beaches, and adventures in the air, creating a full and magical getaway is easy with a few clicks. We have a waitlist in case any spots become available, so please fill out an inquiry form with the dates your are interested in and we will contact you if they open up. – Unload your camping gear, park your vehicle, get oriented to your paddling gear, and load your kayaks.

We did the Friday night glow kayaking trip and had SO MUCH FUN. And from June through early October, the Indian River Lagoon is packed with the luminous organisms, often numbering more than 100,000 per liter of water. This is a longer tour lasting approximately three hours based on available wildlife. It can only be photographed in perfect conditions usually during July – Sep when there is a new moon (very dark). The best chance of getting the phenomenon on film is with a camera that shoots well in extremely low light. With clear kayaks you are able to look between your legs and see the bio right underneath you the whole time! Bioluminescence is created in one of two ways: by single-celled organisms called dinoflagellates or by organisms called comb jellies. The safest yet most enchanting bioluminescent bay experience nature has to offer now envelopes you like never before, no wishing required. Moonlight effects this tour and how brightly you will see glowing plankton. We will come back soon!


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