battle of nations
Later, with hindsight, Marmont described the French position as being ‘at the bottom of a funnel’. The allied attack on the 18th, with more than 300,000 men, converged on the Leipzig perimeter. If you know of any information on this page that needs This coalition was formed to fight Napoleon and included Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia and Sweden, as well as numerous German States. Das BATTLE of the NATIONS ist die offizielle Weltmeisterschaft im Vollkontaktkampf in historischer Rüstung und wird seit 2010 jährlich abgehalten. as we can The Duchy of Warsaw, the tragic dream of a free Poland for which Marie Walewska and so many heroic Polish soldiers had given themselves since 1806, disappeared once again into the Tsarist maw – not to reappear for more than a century. [14], Despite being outnumbered, Napoleon planned to take the offensive between the Pleiße and the Parthe rivers. Each year Battle of the Nations brings something new for its followers. Den Gesamten Prozess von Bewerbung bis Qualifikation für das HMB Team Austria findet ihr hier.Die nötigen Bewerbungsunterlagen für Kämpfer könnt ihr euch hier downloaden. He crossed the Elbe with much of his army between late September and early October, and organized his forces around Leipzig, to protect his crucial supply lines and oppose the converging Coalition armies arrayed against him. [44] As the Russians and Prussians entered the city through the Halle and Grimma gates they fell upon barricades and houses full of French soldiers. The ground to the west of the position was too wooded and swampy for emplacement of artillery. Alexander was also the supreme commander of the Coalition forces in the eastern front of the war, while Prince Karl von Schwarzenberg of Austria was the commander-in-chief of all Coalition forces in the German theatre. With his forces concentrating in the Magdeburg area, Napoleon’s plan – grandiose and highly ambitious – was to push the Allies back over the Elbe and strike for Berlin, then to relieve his beleaguered fortresses still holding out east of the Oder and on the Vistula. Der Veranstaltungsort variiert, nach Khotyn in der Ukraine (2010 und 2011) fand die Veranstaltung 2012 erstmals im Fort Bema in Warschau, Polen, statt. As well as the shortage of cavalry (Ney’s excuse for failing to pursue), defeat at Bautzen reflected sorely the absence of his better commanders – especially Lannes, killed at Aspern–Essling in 1809; Davout, who had been sent off on a worthless diversion towards Hamburg; and Masséna, battling Wellington in Spain. When the battle hung in the balance, Marmont ordered a cavalry charge, but his commander refused to attack. By mid-August a terrifying, and unprecedented grand total of 800,000 Allied troops faced Napoleon far from his base, on the upper reaches of the Elbe. [33] The third assault was now conducted, this time, by the Russians, commanded by General Raevsky, the hero of Borodino who had arrived a few days earlier from Russia after a delay due to sickness. Laure herself had taken off to Aix-en-Savoie, with her four-year-old son (christened Napoleon), to be diverted by boating with Talma on Lac Bourget, by listening to the great actor recite from The Tempest in the midst of a storm, drenched with water, then by embarking on an affair with the Marquis de Balincourt as her husband struggled with the Russians and increasing madness. In this second bitter winter of defeat, the French retreat across Germany was hardly less grim than that of 1812. A dike ran east along the Elster River being four metres high. Corrections? The bridges on the Pleisse and White Elster rivers were defended by infantry and a few guns. Germany, Napoleonic Wars, can add a comment above or e-mail us. [15][16], The northern front was defended by Marshals Michel Ney and Auguste de Marmont, and the eastern front by Marshal Jacques MacDonald. Six French generals were killed, 12 wounded, and 36 captured including Lauriston and Reynier[5], Out of a total force of 360,000, the Allies suffered approximately 54,000 casualties. A day earlier, the Russians had taken most of the losses incurred during the battle, so it was the Prussians who took the initiative. The Allies had Blücher and Bernadotte to the north, Barclay de Tolly and Bennigsen, and Prince von Hesse-Homburg to the south, as well as Gyulay to the west. Marshal Marmont brought up infantry columns behind the positions in reserve and for a quick counter-attack against any fallen position. To stay there, with the Allied armies converging, would place him in great jeopardy, but to quit the city would almost certainly mean the defection of his last remaining German ally, the King of Saxony. [12], The Grande Armée, under the command of Napoleon, was in a weakened state. He had been in the saddle since 6 that morning. On 13 October, Blücher, the stubborn old Prussian who detested retreat, Napoleon and Bernadotte in about equal measure, wrote to the Tsar that the three armies were now so close together ‘that a simultaneous attack, against the point where the enemy has concentrated its forces, might be undertaken’. But, without the reserves to follow up, the exhausted cuirassiers were driven off by the Tsar’s ‘heavies’. The battle ended roughly in a draw, with Napoleon having sustained some 25,000 casualties to approximately 30,000 of the Allies. [27] General Langeron rallied his forces and finally took both villages with heavy casualties. It behoves me to bestir myself and show myself everywhere. A manor, palace, walled gardens, and low walls dominated the village. Disagreements over command in the Allied camp after the death of Kutuzov (he had died three weeks before) were offset by the handicap inflicted on Napoleon by virtue of the tactical intelligence denied him by his acute shortage of light cavalry.


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