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Tell me which was easier to access and interpret. I'm a little concerned about the possibility of a milkshake ducking as the writer seems to be approaching this from a bit of a biological perspective, e.g. Joanna Russ has a couple of stories with frankly disturbing age-gap relationships in them, not to mention the honestly idiotic (and later apologized-for) parts about Islam in, (Like, I love Joanna Russ and I'd be just as happy if. As Wesley Morris observed in an October 2018 essay: Art might not have the privilege of being art for art’s sake anymore … It has to be art for justice’s sake … So we wind up with safer art and discourse that provokes and disturbs and shocks less. * It was SO GOOD and complex, as a piece of SF and general fiction. On a prose level, on a conceptual level. The men get to mindmeld with actual cats, which of course is better than trying to interact with human women, with whom, it being 1954, there is of course "something wrong. Join 6,442 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. All Rights Apache Attack Helicopters (special feature section at the bottom of the page) Let’s talk about Sex, baby. To its credit, it has used that position in part to tell humanizing stories about historically marginalized people that increase understanding and empathy. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no I absolutely hear what you are saying. And a subset of those readers took that lack of resonance as a justification for denigrating the author of the story, casting doubt on her good faith, or positing that her voice was either inauthentic or invalid. They have a lot of nerve writing anything about trans people. I still don't. Armed with functional connectome mapping and neural plastics, the military can make gender tactical. "I sexually identify as an Attack Helicopter: Incels, trolls and non-binary gender politics online" has just been published by open access journal First Monday. ", The Australian Sex Survey included an option to identify with one of 33 different gender options. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members. Copyright (c) 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. not the first instance of this I can think of. I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter. They never internalize the physical or emotional pain of Femme life. Writing at Medium, an apparently left-leaning observer with the handle The Anarcho Accelerationist lamented that “the reaction to this story—unbridled outrage at the most trivial and good-faith disagreement—has become emblematic of the left,” arguing that “we were right to expel the TERFs and the Red-Brownists, and we were incredibly right to bash those fash,” but adding: The left has become a movement where people are scared to disagree. They believe they are entitled to sex but are victims of women and society. It takes enormous trust for readers from a marginalized community to let a writer play literary games with their oppression, and most of us can’t give that trust to someone whose intentions are too opaque. That said, it's got some brilliant writing behind it. > the character is very likely a war criminal and could easily (at least from my perspective) be read as an apologist for imperialism. This might indeed be a kind of social justice. I'm not sure that it does gender or war or scifi or sexuality or anything perfectly but it does it so compellingly. In her estimation: The writing about gender transition, about life and sex as a woman, and about PTSD-like reactions in women, feels flat and fake … Like the take on gender theory that you would achieve by spending a half hour on Wikipedia … Not the take you might achieve by reading actual novels and memoirs by real transfolk.


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