arriva smart card
If you insert more money than required when paying for a monthly ticket at a ticket vending machine or buying a new single city card, the surplus amount is added to the selected card as a credit. Fixed call cost 0, 4172 EUR/call for calls within Slovenia, mobile call cost define mobile operators. Free tickets must also be validated. As all time cards are issued to the name, monthly bus fares  and other credit value may be refunded to the newly issued smart tme card (refund will be made only 48 hours after the loss or theft has been reported). The costs of replacement of a lost or stolen smart card is EUR 10 (handling costs: EUR 7.5 and card: EUR 2.5). The card balance is shown again. The right to use a monthly bus ticket is recorded on the travel card. The purchase procedure starts when you press the button. The time cards can be topped at the ticket vending machine and any other selling points, where the monthly validity of the card can be renewed for the next month after paying for the appropriate monthly ticket. Single contactless smart cards are blue and will gradually replace bus ticket cards and the system currently applied in the Piran city passenger transport. To be able to switch buses free of charge you must validate your card each time you switch bus – within 30 minutes from the first validation. If you buy a card with cash and insert more than €2.5 in the ticket vending machine, the machine instructs you to touch the card scanner with the new card so that the surplus amount can be credited to the card. When validatingthe card, it is not necessary to take out the card from the wrap, if the card is attached to a pendant or a strap, but in no case the card should be holed as it contains a chip with an antenna. ... / Passenger transport / City bus transport / City transport Piran / Single City Card Piran. The monthly time card can only be obtained from the Lucija Bus Station selling point, Obala 114, where we will register the right of use for an individual type of monthly time card. You can contactless pay for a ride on Piran city buses, use a free-of-charge change of buses within 30 minutes from the validation for the first bus travel and charge the card up to EUR 50 credit. The transporter will not refund the damage caused by the seized single city card containing a credit balance. Bus switching is considered to be any ride that takes place within 30 minutes after paying for the first ride. When buying the time card for the first time, you will have to identify yourself with an ID document, but without any ID photo to be put on. Introducing The Arriva Connect Smartcard. THE TICKET VENDING MACHINE DOES NOT RETURN CHANGE. Value smart card: as the smart card holds no name, any credit existing before the loss or theft is non-refundable. The smart card may be kept in the wallet or purse without any fear to cause any discharge by a magnet or other type of damage to other bank or credit cards. You will be able to use your Smart Card continuously until the end of the Academic Year. No more paper tickets. You can also buy value cards at ticket vending machines, which means that the single city card is available 24 hours a day. . Just buy your ticket here on the website, load your card and it with you and tap it on the machine when you board. There is one card reader (validator) on every bus – it is located next to door and is intended for paying for the ride and/or with a mobile phone. The new system is enabling passengers more users’ friendly city passenger transport services, and is at the same time providing a detail overview over the passengers flow and departures density, in order to provide easier planning of changes. YELLOW BLINKING LIGHT – A yellow blinking light in the middle of the screen means that the system is functioning and is waiting for the validation. It is only possible to enter the bus through the entrance door. At City transport Piran passenger can use a free-of-charge change of buses within 30 minutes from the validation for the first bus travel, as well as the possibility of payment of services through the VALU mobile phone.


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