anon m2 vs m4
The Anon M4 is offered in a toric (semi-spherical) or cylindrical option so you can choose which style lens you like the best. The Comp M4 is used by … If you are looking for an alternative fit, the I/OX is also available in asian fit. SMITH IO Mag in Black with ChromaPop Photochromic Rose Flash + ChromaPop Sun Black. SPY Bravo in Matte White with HD+ Bronze with Red Spectra & HD+ Low Light Yellow. And if you choose a goggle featuring the Magna-Tech® magnetic lens change system—you’ll have that lens swapped out in seconds. Anon M3 13. The I/O Mag S is available in Asian fit. Posts: 2423 - Karma: 4,210. Anon’s Magna-tech lens changing system allows you to change lenses quickly and easily. If you want to know how to choose the right lens type , take a look at our How to Choose a Snow Goggle Lens Guide. Simply Contact Us and we can get started on finding you the styles you want in the fit you need. But whether you like that one or the cylindrical version seen here, Anon offers the same great range of tints available for both. Despite being around for a few years now, the Anon M2 goggles remain one of the best, freshest pairs on the market. Whether you want these with the sleek cylindrical lens or the rounder toric version is up to you, and if you like both then there’s no need to choose. The M2 understeers more but puts power down far more easily. Here is a breakdown of the best lenses for each condition, based on the recommendations of our product development team: SONAR Silver [S4; 6% VLT]: This is the darkest Anon lens, however SONAR Smoke [S4; 7% VLT] is our most popular bluebird lens. Dragon PXV in Black with Lemalens Red Ion, Spy Legacy in Old School White with Red Spectra. Call or chat for a price match! Trying to literally throw the lens at your own face and catch it with the frame is addictive, and immensely satisfying when it works. Having an extra lens handy, and being able to change it quickly, will mean the difference between a great day and going home. “Whether you want these with the sleek cylindrical lens or the rounder toric version is up to you, and if you like both then there’s no need to choose”. The magnetic system works as well as ever. The new Anon M4 offers the unprecedented ability to switch between cylindrical and toric lenses so you can get the best of both worlds. Featuring Giro’s Snapshot Magnetic Lens tech, the Contact is versatile and easily adapts to changing conditions. Anon offers a wide range of spare lenses with condition-specific tints so you can customize the performance of your goggles. With so many awesome ski and snowboard goggles to choose from, it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one. Dragon PXV 8. Despite being around for a few years now, the Anon M2 goggles remain one of the best, freshest pairs on the market. “Several magnets hold the lens in place even through the heaviest yard sale”. They sit somewhere between the two in terms of aesthetics, with a very thin outline around the lens. PERCEIVE terrain-defining lenses increase contrast and depth perception on the slopes. SMITH IO Mag S 5. After cracking the magnetic-lens-change tech that we were all dreaming about a decade ago, Anon … Its light to start and the barrel can be a 24 or 26 inch with a magazine extension added. If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time. The SPY Bravo shares some of the same great features of the popular Legacy, in a medium to large fit. Sunglass Rob and Tyler break down the details of each goggle in the video below. As always, your order is backed by our See Better Guarantee. I like smith tech and the I/o mag but they're quite small and i like a big field of vision. Cookies help us deliver our services. From a popularity or commonality angle, the Benelli M2 is a standard measure for everything else. SMITH has taken the fan-favored SMITH I/O Mag and made it in a larger size to fit a wider variety of riders. Anon M3 in Black with PERCEIVE Green lens. The perforated section lets most of your breath escape before finding its way to the goggles, and no system is better for keeping out harsh blizzards and strong sunlight. This shape mimics the curvature of the human eye for superior optics while also providing enhanced peripheral vision and maximizing the possible vent volume in the goggle for fog-free performance. Oakley Flight Deck in Matte Black with PRIZM Rose. Learn More, Burton Custom X 2018-2019 Snowboard Review. Freestyle Rodan MIPS Rodan Helo 2.0 Highwire MIPS Highwire Raider 3 MIPS Raider 3. Oakley Flight Deck 2. In his supremely talented hands, the M2 was 0.21 second quicker around Streets. 5076 Santa Fe Street, Suite A San Diego, California, 92109. ChromaPop Lens Technology comes with all lenses on the I/O Mag XL to give you the best contrast possible on the slopes. Some of last years favorites made it to the 2020 list. We are navigating the ongoing changes in reopening plans among the varying states in which we and our vendors operate. This M4, although far better than previous M4s we've driven, was a handful to control at its limit.


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