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Julia was able to get her father swift medical treatment and he was reported to be in stable condition, but Alfred falls into a deep depression after Bruce's apparent death, even rejecting the idea of having his hand reattached as there was no point without Bruce to serve. Though Alfred introduced himself to the eight-year-old Bruce as his butler, it is obvious he never serves as a manservant in the story otherwise as Bruce's guardian and mentor.

Unsure of himself, Alfred still made it his mission to look out for Bruce as he grew up. After several months, Alfred voices the desire to quit and return home to continue his life as an actor.

After the timeline is reset, Bruce Wayne is once again working out of Wayne Manor with Alfred as his primary confidante. He uses his skills as an actor, storyteller, medic, and spy to survive and collect information on the recently destroyed society. Alfred eventually joins to bring both Superman and Wonder Woman their favorite drinks. Bruce brings him to the Batcave. When Bruce took on his costumed persona of Batman and began his war on crime, Alfred reluctantly took on the role of confidante and advisor, often telling Bruce to simply carry a gun instead of a belt full of untested gadgets. Alfred Pennyworth is the British butler and valet to the Wayne Family. Bruce later goes out to find Shondra. He has also provided first aid up to and including suturing wounds and removing bullets, as well as occasional tactical support. Thaddeus Middleton However, these plans are momentarily forgotten when young Bruce returns home, after getting into a fight with a school bully.

[23] Flashbacks reveal that Alfred helped Thomas Wayne Jr. kill his parents and brother when he was a child, Owlman reflecting that Alfred was the only member of his family that he could control.

Full Name He has a daughter living in Seoul, South Korea with her mother, where Alfred had previously worked at a security firm, implying Julia Remarque's existence in this continuity. Alfred also assists Grayson in his role as Gotham's new Dark Knight. Alfred Pennyworth is Batman's loyal butler, and usually tens in the Bat-Cave, cooking, mending Batman's numerous costumes, ... Birthday: August 16, 1943. Apr 8, 2020 - Explore Leland's board "Batman: Alfred Pennyworth" on Pinterest. [8] In most early tales, he made bungling attempts to be a detective on a par with the young masters. Sa famille est d'origine britannique. abdullah5122 In the following years, Alfred remained the caretaker of Wayne Manor despite Bruce's absence, and still maintained a close relationship with Damian Wayne despite Damian's decision to join Superman. In this alternate reality, Nightwing ends an ongoing feud between superpowered beings by activating a device that de-powers 90 percent of the super powered population. At a point in which Commissioner Gordon was shot and nearly killed, Alfred took notice that Bruce was behaving increasingly out of sorts. In the prequel comic to Injustice 2 Ra's enacts a plan to bring the world balance and has Damian kidnap Alfred's corpse and resurrects him through the Lazarus Pit to use as a hostage against Batman. Alfred Pennyworth is one of the main characters of The LEGO Batman Movie, voiced by Ralph Fiennes. Dans un comic de 1964, Alfred meurt. When Damian breaks into Gotham, Bane breaks Alfred's neck for this 'disobedience'. Meanwhile, in another room Colonel Vega gets some readings on his instruments, he then takes the exact frequency of Shondra's power and reverses it and releases it upon a lab rat and it instantly dies. In Batman And The Outsiders Special, Alfred is seen apologizing at the grave's of Thomas and Martha Wayne at the loss of Bruce, commenting that he grieves as a parent, regarding Bruce as his son. After the events of Final Crisis, the Batman Family is in shambles with the apparent death of Bruce Wayne. Due to Alfred being dead for a long time, he is brought back in a zombie-like state and requires constant medical attention from Damian.

Later that night, Alfred was called to the police station.

During the "rematch" with the Batman Who Laughs - a Batman who was contaminated by the same chemicals that drove the Joker insane - the Batman Who Laughs claims that Alfred is the only member of his old family he left alive back in his world, the Batman Who Laughs claiming that he kept taunting his Alfred with hints that his original self was still 'alive' within him until the villain had corrupted Alfred to remain loyal despite acknowledging that Batman was now a monster, although Alfred denies that he would ever do such a thing.

While not as skilled at martial arts as Bruce Wayne, Alfred is still nearly as resourceful. Alfred was originally conceived as a comedic foil for Batman and Robin; he spoke with a Cockney accent, and simply arrived on Wayne Manor's doorstep to announce that he was beginning his duties. The two look through Dick's notes, figuring out his plan to attempt a resurrection of Bruce Wayne. O'Neil read up on the old Batman stories and wrote Batman in stories that made him a detective, a brooding and emotionally cracked Batman who hung in the shadows and patrols the streets for crime rather than wait for the Bat signal.

In the FOX television show, Alfred Pennyworth is portrayed by British actor Sean Pertwee. During Blackest Night, Alfred attempts to deliver flowers to the grave of Bruce Wayne, but finds that the grave has been dug up and desecrated by Black Hand, unbeknownst to him at the time. Alfred later saved Bruce's life by shooting Mayor Oswald Cobblepot.

Through the years Alfred has repaired Bruce's most serious injuries from broken bones to fractured limbs.

Alfred est le seul membre de la famille de Batman à avoir l'autorisation de posséder une arme à feu, dont il n'hésitera pas à se servir, comme lorsque Bane assiégea le manoir Wayne.

How? [21], During the Joker's subsequent attack on Gotham after he manages to take control of the Wayne fortune, when Batman is infected by a toxin, after Harley provides him with the cure he gets through the poisoning by talking to a hallucination of Alfred, who encourages Bruce to remember that Batman is about continuing to push past the pain of old losses rather than becoming consumed by those failures.[22]. Alfred appears as a main character in Geoff Johns' and Gary Frank's Batman: Earth One. Jarvis attempted to resign from his services and write a letter to his son in which he describes the manor as a cursed place, and tells Alfred that he should not begin his service under the Wayne family. Dick eventually takes the body to England in order to dip it into one of the last known Lazarus Pit. Affiliations: Alfred makes a very brief appearance in the 1997 Tangent Comics one-shot issue Green Lantern in a story revolving around the Tangent versions of King Faraday and Roy Raymond. However, after Alfred is attacked by Hush and infected with a fear toxin,[15] she discovers the Batcave and takes on her father's role to coordinate the Bat-Family's efforts against their foes. Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, most commonly in association with the superhero Batman. He is also the only member of the Batman Family that is allowed to own firearms. Discharged back to his home in London, Alfred received a gift from Thomas in the form of a very expensive prosthetic leg. [Comics 13]. Bruce was in his chair bleeding and a bat has crashed through the window. However, Alfred's physical appearance changed into a pasty skinned, rock patterned being with a desire to kill Batman and Robin. En anglais, « Pennyworth » signifie « valant un Penny ».

Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. Thanks to artifacts and other clues found by Tim, it is discovered that Bruce is actually lost in time thanks to the Omega Sanction Darkseid used on him. He does not play a very vital, or big, role in the show except to tie Babs and Helena to Batman. This was revised in Batman #110 (September 1957); during his first night at Wayne Manor, Alfred awoke to moaning and followed the sound to the secret passage to the staircase leading to the Batcave and met his would-be employers in their superhero identities. Jarvis attempted to resign from his services and write a letter to his son in which he describes the manor as a cursed place, and tells Alfred that he should not begin his service under the Wayne family. Alfred met Thomas Wayne during a tour of duty in the Middle East and the two became good friends. [13] His time as the Outsider is collected in Showcase Presents: Batman Volumes 1 and 2. When the Flashpoint Batman and Bane took over Gotham, they held Alfred hostage as a deterrent to the Batman Family. His resourcefulness came to the fore in the No Man's Land storyline, especially in Legends of the Dark Knight #118. Alfred is seen, shirtless and muscled, applying a tourniquet and generally taking control of the situation. Upon arriving at the Manor, Thomas Wayne greeted him and as Alfred introduce himself, it is obvious that young Bruce was admiring him.

When the Joker mounted his final assault, feeling that Batman had 'changed the rules' in their last confrontation, he broke into the Batcave and cut off Alfred's hand. Alfred then smiles and is thankful that he was a former actor and questions about why he ever left it. He is also highly respected by those heroes who are aware of his existence, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the original Teen Titans. In London, The vigilante named The Hood captures a gang bringing in cigarettes illegally. Asp then begins feeding drugs to Shondra to amplify her powers. First Appearance: When the Insurgency began their attack on Superman's Regime, Alfred provided a kryptonite-tipped bullet to the Black Canary for her to face Superman. However, Bruce managed to remain in Alfred's care by, despite his young age, bribing the social service agent into allowing Alfred to raise him.

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In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, an elderly Alfred still acts as Bruce's butler, mourning Bruce's diminished social contacts while continuing to loyally serve his master even after Bruce becomes Batman once again after a ten-year retirement.


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