albanian swear words

(with a crankshaft).

"Pilli" seems like a hybrid between Palla and Pidhi. Tower of Babel | During the days that followed, Dako took the opportunity to express his rich vocabulary further.
Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. shave my dick), Qiju me arushaMeaning:Fuck with the bears, Shkofsh si qeni n‰ rrushMeaning:May you die as a dog [shot] in a vineyard, Sorr‰Meaning:nasty bigmouth woman (lit. In addition to a happier attitude, the waiter and the staff will probably give even better service if you make an effort yourself. “You are [former Prime Minister Sali] Berisha’s d*******,” he said in one post. In Albania, “Qij!” is the way you say “Fuck!” in English.

Mirë is the Albanian word for good, and it’s very useful. (shave my dick), M‰ rruaj trapin!Meaning:Suck my dick! And eventually, “mallkoj!” is the Albanian word for damn (use of damn as a swear word). If you are exploring on your own or if you are going somewhere, it can be helpful to know a few Albanian phrases to ask for directions and to understand the answer. Ta henksha PidhinMeaning:I will eat your pussy, Ta humbt‰ Zoti far‰nMeaning:May God extinguish your seed, Ta qifsha n‰n‰n!Meaning:I’ll fuck your mother, Ta qifsha tok‰n t‰ndeMeaning:Fuck the ground you stand on, Ta qifsha Zotin t‰ndMeaning:Fuck your God, Ta Qift Gjyshi NanenMeaning:May your Grandfather fuck your Mother, Te humbt‰ faraMeaning:May your seed disappear, Te Perdhunofsha MaminMeaning:I will rape your Mother, Te qifsha robet ne pidhMeaning:Fuck your family in the pussy, Te qifte gomariMeaning:May the Donkey fuck you, Te Qifte MizaMeaning:May the fly Fuck you, Te qifte ndonje gje me shume kembeMeaning:May a thing with many feet fucks you, Te rrah me shkopin e shurresMeaning:I’ll beat you with my dick, Te Shkerdhefsha nanenMeaning:Screw your mum, Ti je burr‰ muti!Meaning:You’re a shitty man, Ti je i/e thjesht si kompirMeaning:You are simple (plain) like a potato. This will make your trip to Albania more enjoyable, and you’ll surely be met with smiles and gratitude for trying to speak Albanian. And Farmaci is the Albanian word for Pharmacy in case you need any medicine.

The literal translation would be heart, and Zemër can be used to refer to someone that you’re in love with or a dear family member. Note: all links on this site to, and are affiliate links.

These 15 Albanian Words will instantly make you understand the local culture better, and no matter if you’re moving or traveling to Albania as a foreigner, these words in Albanian will sure come in handy.. What are the most basic phrases and words a tourist should know to be polite? You should say with enthusiasm to enhance the expression. There are other ways to express irritation in the country. Key to abbreviations: inf = informal, frm = formal. “However, I doubt chicken will accept vermin like you to eat.”. A collection of useful phrases in the Tosk dialect of Albanian, an Indo-European language spoken mainly in Albania and Kosovo. This basically means cute, and you can use it to say “how cute”.

T‰ vraft‰ e miraMeaning:May the good/plenty kill you, T‰ vraft‰ qielliMeaning:May heavens kill you, U mbytsh n‰ gjakun t‰ndMeaning:May you drown in your own blood, U zvarritsh si gjarpniMeaning:May you crawl like a snake, Un‰ t‰ qij me kollodok!Meaning:I’ll fuck you hard! Not many tourists speak Albanian and you will still be warmly welcomed if you don’t, but if you take the time to learn just a couple of Albanian phrases and words, it would be much appreciated and enable you to experience more of the local ways of Albania. Useful Albanian phrases. Ty te qi breshka!Meaning:Even a turtle can fuck you! Copyright BIRN 2007 | Terms of use | Privacy Policy | Powered by WordPress / WPML. “Mut i ati, mut i biri, mut ai q‰ b‰ri t’atin”Meaning:“Father is shitty, son is shitty, he who made the father is shitty”, “Se kur kam qi pidh une o qime nane, Ti ke kane te e thith cicen e nanes tane”Meaning:“When I was fuckin pussy, motherfucker, you were sucking your mum’s tits.”, “Te qifsha, kurve”Meaning:“Fuck you, bitch”, “T‰t’ ‰m‰, ku ta kesh!”Meaning:“Fuck your mother, wherever she is”, Atij i ka r‰n‰ sapuni n‰ burg!Meaning:His soap fell down in jail (he got raped in jail), Autoshkoll‰Meaning:Warn out whore (driving school car), Byth‰mutMeaning:Little brat (means: shitted ass), DerdimenMeaning:“Uncapable, good for nothing”, DhiMeaning:“Ugly, unfriendly girl (goat)”, Faqezi – Faqezez‰Meaning:A man/woman with a defiled honor. T‰ r‰nt‰ pika!Meaning:May a stroke hit you! Now that you have learned some more advanced Albanian words, it’s time to get back to the basics. T‰ qift‰ harapi i zi me dajre e napolon!Meaning:“May a black man fuck you with music, dances and drums!”. For the Albanian media too, publishing swear words is unusual, even when they report on what was said during parliamentary debates. (66%) (34%) Ma qifsh karin! T‰ qift‰ qeni qorrMeaning:May you get fucked by a blind dog, T‰ qift‰ ujku qorrMeaning:May you get fucked by a blind wolf, T‰ qift‰ xhandari i mbretit!Meaning:May a king’s guard fuck you. ), MendjendryshkurMeaning:A person with a rusty mind; rusty-minded, Milosh!Meaning:Slobodan Milosevic (hated by Albanians), Mjekra e priftitMeaning:Pubic hair (lit. which can be translated as “What are you doing” or “What’s up?”. This is the Albanian word for beauty, and if you want to tell a girl/woman that she is beautiful, you could say Ti Je Bukur. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'omniglot_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',141,'0','0'])); If you need to type in many different languages, the Q International Keyboard can help.

In another case of the use of innuendo, Rama said in parliament in April this year that the people will not “rise” against him, using a term that in Albanian sounds more like a reference to impotence.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. don’t sell me farts), Mos pafsh drit‰ me syMeaning:May you not see light with your eyes, Mos pafsh f‰mi’ as katandiMeaning:May you not see [produce] children nor wealth, Mos pafsh g‰zim n‰ jet‰Meaning:May you not see happiness in you life, Mos u hap byth‰sh!Meaning:Don’t fuck around!
T‰ h‰ng‰rt thiu!Meaning:May a swine eat you! For me, it’s always most memorable to talk with the locals, and the best way to do it is in their language. Only in 2004 did linguist Edmond Tupja publish a small vocabulary book of sexual expressions. However, his career has been marred recently by a police investigation into a major drug-smuggling organisation that intercepted several phone calls between Dako and several suspected members of the criminal group. Ask, find, and simply explore things about Albania and Albanians in this subreddit! Ma qifsh karin! This list of Albanian phrases was created to help new tourist to explore Albania in the fullest way possible and hopefully interact with the locals as we did when we traveled there. ( Log Out /  eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'omniglot_com-box-3','ezslot_1',115,'0','0'])); See these phrases You can also say Faleminderit Shüme, which means thank you very much.

The swear word “Lesh!” would be the equivalent to “Shit!” but it actually means “wool”, “public hair”. (don’t shake your ass too much), Mos ha mut!Meaning:Shut up! You don't say these to any girl if you want to fuck, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Falemenderit is the Albanian word for thank you, and it will be appreciated if tourists use it instead of just saying thank you in English. This is the Albanian word for calling someone stupid or an idiot. Lapeci (Albanian-Kosovo) Clitoris (58%) (42%) Lavire: Whore (64%) (36%) M'qifsh Karin! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They usually use asterisks to … Bre doesn’t really have a meaning on its own in the Albanian language, but it’s just as a sentence enhancer, and you’ll hear it a lot. Spital means Hospital, and although I hope that you don’t have to visit a hospital during your visit, it’s good to know how to say it.

But first, let’s learn some essential words in Albanian that are used frequently or have no equivalence in English. I would also suggest Berat as one of the most beautiful destinations in Albania. a priest’s beard), Morti te hangertMeaning:May death get you, Mos e dridh shum‰ byth‰n!Meaning:Don’t be so sneaky!

Chances are pretty high that you will be eating when you are in Albania. It might be something you would say to a stranger since it would be rather offensive, but you could use it to joke around with friends. It is pronounced like “shee-SHMEH” and to say that something is delicious you can say Ishte e shijshme. If you are about to travel to Albania, this is exactly what you are looking for! Learning materials, Other collections of Albanian phrases (some with audio) Insults: Røvhul = asshole, skiderik = shitbag, idiot..and loads of other stuff. Të dua means I love you, and the actual Albanian word for love is dashuri. or Tungjatjeta. Omniglot is how I make my living. I’m currently on a mission to show you the amazing places and diversity that our planet has to offer!

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. don’t eat shit), Mos m‰ shit pordh‰!Meaning:Don’t fuck with me! Want to learn more Albanian words? crow), T’i pift‰ sorra mendt‰Meaning:May the magpie drink from your brains, T’i verboft Zoti syt‰Meaning:May God blind your eyes, T’u fikt‰ qiriMeaning:May your candle get put out, T’u mbytt‰ f‰mija n‰ gjakMeaning:May your child drown in blood, T’u mshelt deraMeaning:May your door close forever, T’u rritt‰ mendjaMeaning:May you become arrogant, T’u rr‰zoft‰ sht‰piaMeaning:May your home collapse. Here’s a big list of useful Albanian phrases and words! Photo: Malton Dibra/LSA, Bosnian Sport Defies Divisions Yet Struggles to Survive, Rivers Pay Cost of ‘Clean Energy’ in Kosovo, Poland Mobilises Controversial ‘Weekend Warriors’ for Pandemic Response, Currying Favour or Just Generous? Albanian Swear Words "Te qifsha, kurve" a m’ha mutin Allahu Akbar bakti bole buce bytha dshtoj Guxha e karit Ha Mut kari kok derr kurvar Lapeci (Albanian-Kosovo) Lavire M'qifsh Karin! You will probably hear someone say Shqiperia (meaning Albania) or Sqhiptar and Sqhip, which basically means Albanian. These 15 Albanian Words will instantly make you understand the local culture better, and no matter if you’re moving or traveling to Albania as a foreigner, these words in Albanian will sure come in handy. If you want to know how to say anything specific or learn certain Albanian phrases or Words that aren’t in this list, leave a comment below and I will gladly ask some of my Albanian friends how to say it. Translating basic words in Albanian is usually doable with Google Translate, which can be downloaded to your phone to use offline. If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if Te qifsha motren* dont ever say that to an albanian unless u wanna get stabbed or worse murdered. Kujt po I rruhetMeaning:Who gives a fuck!! If you’ll be drinking with some friends from Albania, you should say Gëzuar instead of cheers, which is the equivalent word in Albanian. Copyright 2012 - 2020 Swedish Nomad - Travel Blog | All Rights Reserved, 15 Albanian Words that every foreigner should learn, How to Say “Thank You” in Different Languages, How to say I love you in different languages. ( Log Out /  Information about Albanian | Mi rrofsh bolet kiss/suck/eat my balls Mut Shit T‰ qifsha t‰ bardh‰t e syveMeaning:Fuck your eye whites, T‰ qift‰ arusha qorreMeaning:May you get fucked by a blind bear. My name is Alex, and I’m a Professional Travel Blogger and Photographer from Sweden. You can also say Zemra Ime, which basically means my sweetheart in Albanian. (Albanian-Kosovo) May you fuck my dick! MPs from the opposition Socialist Movement for Integration then filed a motion requesting that Rama be punished.


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