ac odyssey boeotia side quests
Port Of Lawlessness This quest can be found in the Valley of King Lelex, Megaris. Another contract similar to the one above also found on the message boards of Astypalia City. Farm In Flames As you pass this island Barnabas will talk about a beast nearby. Go to their camp, take them out, and grab the shield. If you spare the villagers, you will need to kill the priest and his guards. If you go the full distance, you spot his crew down on the beach. Pick either and kill all the enemies to complete the quest. Then proceed to speak with the vendor in Megara to buy the mixture. Win a foot race against Roxana all the way up to Lover’s Leap. Birds of a Feather Look to the stack of items on the left side of this room and you’ll find the feather inside it. You can choose to do training or pay 4500, if you pay it is added to the coin purse for the winner. Birds Of A Feather You can sneak through the camps and complete these objectives with minimal disturbance. You need to defeat 3 Spartan Polemarchs which are located at Spartan Forts. She will ask a favor of you, to escort her son, Makarios safely to the south of Agoge Camp in Chasms of Taygetos. DU&I takes those…. He asks that you burn Spartan supplies and kill their polemarch. This quest can be found at the Statue of Athena in Greater Athens, Attika. You can also pull them into the neighboring rooms and kill them, but it is not necessary. This is a follow on from She Who Controls The Sea. Retribution In this quest Agapios wants you to find and acquire the three tax records located at Chalkis Warehouse at the docls of Chalis City. Speak with the group outside the cave. One of the athletes attacks Karpos, so kill him. Purple Pain The plan is to burn four Athenian war supplies. Give it to the woman to complete this side quest. Speak with Lykaon. Return to Markos. After you finish the quest above, talk to Thaletas to start this one. Lying On Your Resume Presented with a new quandary, you are sent to talk to a slave, southeast of Lavrio. This will unlock three quests: The Kytheran Statue, The Samian Statue, and The Thasian Statue. Speak with Diona at the shrine. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Summary : Write your own epic odyssey and become a legendary Greek Hero in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, an inspiring adventure where … You can trigger the start of this quest in two ways: either from the message board in southern Sporades or by interacting with Markos at Artemisia Fort. Your goal would be to get rid of any enemy soldiers in the area and safely escort Odessa back to her boat beyond the ruins in the western coast. This Watch Dogs: Legion Dislikes DedSec Guide focuses on a specific group of Operatives that you are unable to recruit unless you…, There might be countless fighting games on the market today, but the fundamentals of each game are eternal. A God among Men You will be given a few treasure maps but only one of them has the correct location marked for the golden feather. Find the street vendor, Aletes, on the west side of the sanctuary. You obtain this side quest from the Message Board in Megara. Suggested level 4. Getting all these three require fighting off or avoiding dangerous predators. This quest requires level 38. Jump in and solve the puzzle in the center of the ruins to complete this side quest. When the night falls, interact with the Sphynx statue that is located in the ruins, south of Lake Kopais. In this quest, Sokrates has caught a man stealing a horse and wants you to decide what to do with him. Speak with Daphnae near the Temple of Artemis. This quest will be started once you complete the quest above. You must have completed Debt Collector for this side quest to start. You have to break 3 Athenian ships to finish this quest. She does not appear to admit any guilt. Start this quest by talking to the man at the quest’s location. Follow the instructions of the letter and complete the 10 objectives. Rescue Empedokles to launch a series of side quests that rewards you with an ancient relic for Atlantis. Markos gives you his quest at the Aion Vineyard in Kos Island. This quest can be found at the Theater in Chalkis City, Euboea. Make sure to put The Colors of Keos on your ship. This quest can be located in Chalkis Farm in Dirfi Foothills, Euboea. Take down the ship and then return to the captain. Here you are given a choice to let Lykoan kill her, let her live or kill her yourself. Kill then and continue towards the Sanctuary of Eleusis where the civilian needs to be dropped. Again, you can either help her with a task, in this case, a mint on the table nearby, or beat the answers out of her (yep, things worked differently in ancient Greece). After that, you need to get to waypoints which house treasures. After defeating her, bring back the necklace and choose to keep it or hand it over to Timon. IF you decide to flirt with Daphnae, this will lead to a relationship. Just a bit east is the next Ancient Tablet. After completing ‘A Debt to Pay’ story mission, speak with the scholarly woman at the Temple of Kybele, southwest of Vineyard Canyon on Lesbos Island, after you have cleared away the wolves around.


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