5 7x28 vs 9mm
The 40-grain 5.7x28mm V-MAX, for example, holds a muzzle velocity of 367 foot-pounds (ft-lbs.) 3His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow. Second Amendment Foundation - July 16, 2020. It's most likely that he did simply vanish from the tomb, since he didn't take any of the wrappings with him. Pulling charts from Nathaniel F.’s discussion of the 4.6mm in 2016, you can make several objective conclusions about the 5.7 against the 9mm: With nearly double the muzzle velocity of 9mm, the 5.7mm has a much greater range than 9mm. Almost nine decades is a pretty serious head start to give a round in a contest of popularity. 9mm is a 124 grain bullet with 450 ft/lbs of energy. It was an angel who rolled the stone - what ever its shape - away from the tomb: '2There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it. Andrew – are you sure you aren’t talking about the FN PS90? This is ultimately the primary factor that kept newer rounds like 357 SIG, 10mm, and to a lesser extent 40 S&W from going mainstream. Fox: 'My short-term memory is shot', Despite Trump's repeated calls, vote counting will continue. Per the USCCA article referenced above and forum posts I’ve dug up, it does perform similarly in gel to 9mm self-defense loadings, but with more capacity and less recoil. No. I predict that more companies may follow Ruger’s lead in the coming years. • Bullet Weights: 115 grains standard (Ranging from roughly 90 to 160 gr) Similarly, the 115-grain 9mm Luger Lawman has a muzzle energy of 368 ft-lbs. The 5.7×28 belongs in the FN P90, which you can’t have. It was unconventional with its 23 grain plastic core bullet. In the shooting industry, the FN 5.7x28mm is a newcomer. This gel testing video notes good penetration and some gnarly permanent cavities with tumbling, but poor expansion from all but one of the six rounds fired into gel. A variety of pre-World War II Italian and Japanese machine guns utilized lubricated cartridges, typically via an oiler on the weapon, for proper function. They found that the new cartridge was 27 percent more effective against an unprotected target, and also less sensitive to freezing and hot weather. the 5.7x28 is a flat shooting round, and it is capable of peiceing armor that would defeat most other handguns. Firearm selection is possibly the 5.7×28’s greatest weakness. This can be a touchy subject which I will not delve too far into. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. “The Duellists”. While the 5.7x28mm cartridge may be new to you, it has actually been around for quite a while. As Ruger works to get tons of their new Model 57 pistols to the market, most of us are intrigued. The 5.7×28 has more than double the 9mm’s muzzle velocity — not only because it generates a higher chamber pressure, but also because its bullet weighs three quarters less. On Midway USA’s site you will find nine pages of 9mm loads offered. It’s pretty easy to do the energy math ourselves without even consulting the energy chart below. • Case Length: 1.138 inches How does someone gain ownership over a hunted animal? I built a dedicated .22 TCM9R using the Armscor top end on a Poly80 frame for under $500. Of course, prices for the 5.7 could go down if the cartridge gains significant popularity. So there is a lot of overlap, but if you prioritize muzzle energy, the 9mm likely has the most potential, as it have more options. All of the rounds we tested showed admirable penetration through a 4-layer cloth barrier and into gelatin. If it’s possible to do, someone has done it with the 9mm. Ruger announced it in late 2019 and it hit the market in early 2020. And if you need parts for it you’ll have nowhere near the access you would have enjoyed if you’d bought a mainstream 9mm pistol. Stepping up to some boutique specialty loads, Elite Ammunition’s 27-grain T6B averaged 2,472 fps while their 28-grain DevastaTOR averaged a smoking 2,475 fps. Law enforcement agencies are increasingly abandoning even that weapon in favor of more powerful 5.56×45 rifles. Handguns for the FN 5.7, however, usually can carry as many as 21 (20+1) while still remaining compact and concealable. The Best Survival Rifle - What Makes A Good Choice. This is a win for the 5.7x28mm. This really isn’t something to aspire to. So, with certain loads at or above 1,800 fps hydrostatic shock may come into play with the 5.7x28mm. Even so, I give the edge to the 5.7x28mm. • Total Length: 1.594 inches Winner: 9mm Luger (Slight Advantage in Energy, Much Better In Gel). For example, the Ruger 57’s standard magazine holds 20 rounds. Building the Ultimate Home Defense Handgun, Shooting the Soviet 7.62x25mm PPSh-41 Submachine Gun, Ruger American Rimfire with Go Wild Camo I-M Brush Stock, World War II German Elefant Tank Destroyers, 2020 Gun Rights Policy Conference Is Online Event Due to COVID-19, SAF, Defense Distributed Win Court Victory in 3D Gun Case, Anarchy Outdoors Introduces Upgrades For T/C Compass and Venture Rifles, Grizzly Cartridge Co. Hornady V-Max Polymer Tip Ammo, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition. In many cases, the front of the projectile bent in instead of mushrooming out. So, comparing standard ammunition in each caliber, the 5.7x28mm does have noticeably softer recoil than 9mm 115, 124 and 147-grain loads. The 5.7×28 has more than double the 9mm’s muzzle velocity — not only because it generates a higher chamber pressure, but also because its bullet weighs three quarters less. 9mm has also been loaded into brass, steel and aluminum cartridge cases. This is a win for the 5.7x28mm. How hard does the 5.7x28mm kick compared to the 9mm? When it comes to magazine capacity comparing standard length magazines the 5.7x28mm has the advantage due to its smaller case diameter. Hard-hitting recoil can make high-volume shooting, such as an afternoon at the range, painful on your hands and body. Loads below 1,800 fps, you only have as much tissue damage as the small projectile can crush during its path through the target. However, the longer length of the 5.7×28 cartridge and its greater chamber pressure both demand a larger, harder to conceal pistol. The bullets were tiny. Even a squirrel hunting round has nearly double that weight. I was quite surprised by Ruger’s sudden embrace of the 5.7x28mm cartridge with the launch of their Ruger-57 pistol this January. The question I have though, is how much will it expand? The 5.7 was promising. Penetration was better than we expected. OK, here is where we start to get to the fun part. Therefore, I would expect the 4.6mm to be the superior armor defeater, with the 5.7mm having less poor terminal effects. Keep in mind, we do expect new FN 5.7 ammo options to hit the market if and when the Ruger 57’s popularity grows. 9mm comes in more platforms and is cheaper. and a much much higher velocity than a .45. ► Instagram: gunshorts No, the 9mm has simply been around for so long that it has been loaded in a wide variety of bullet weights and velocities. Sometimes in the shooting industry, a new cartridge will skyrocket the sale of a specific rifle or handgun. But most importantly, how is terminal performance? Up until Ruger’s introduction of their 57 pistol the 5.7x28mm was slowly fading away. If, on the other hand the cost of ammunition is relatively economical then you will be able to spend much more time enjoying your firearm on the range. So, that takes cheap steel case ammo off the table. Now this doesn’t mean the 5.7x28mm is a bad cartridge. They had to wait for NATO to declare the 5.7×28 effective, but their patience paid off in 2006 when forty countries began using the cartridge for law enforcement, including the U.S. It took five bullets (which I assume was a 9 mm) from Sgt Mark Todd to stop Hasan. So, both of these are indeed slower than some 9mm loads mentioned above. We set up and fired some of the 40 grain FN V-Max loads into gel with the Ruger 57 from 10 feet away. (available by special order only). Before we continue though, let’s consider the other cartridge in question, the 9mm. Unlock additional features, and fewer ads while browsing. Introduced in the early 90s, the 5.7 shares the same philosophical underpinning as the competing (and less powerful) 4.6x30mm cartridge, which Heckler & Koch developed in conjunction with their new HK PDW (later called the MP7) about a decade later in 1999. But what really has shooters talking is probably the more accessible price point. OK, now what about the 5.7x28mm? - Matthew 28 (NIV) The biblical accounts don't say that Jesus used the exit that the angel opened, so we may understand that he opened it for the women to look inside since the guards were in no condition to open the tomb for them. Is it expensive to shoot compared to the 9mm? Are there inexpensive loads on the horizon? Especially in pistol format, where the advantage offered by increased range is diminished in both application (i.e., a pistol encounter is more likely to be at close range) and theory (i.e., the diminished potential long-range marksmanship from a pistol rather than a shoulder-fired weapon). The 5.7x28mm is another example of Europeans designing rounds for multiple uses: Full Auto Rifle, Semi-Auto Rifles, Full Auto Pistol, and Pistols. SS195LF lead-free hollow-points deliver velocities over 2,300 feet per second, generate over 340 foot pounds of energy and are completely lead-free (even the primers contain no lead to vaporize), making them ideal for use at indoor ranges. You can in fact, own the fn p90 in the US. Gourley, S.; Kemp, I (November 26, 2003). What Are Tracer Rounds and Are They Legal? So, if cost matters to you (and it does to me) there’s a clear winner in this 5.7×28 vs. 9mm battle. 9mm loads are available to meet the needs of both armed citizens and LE. 7. 6He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. The 5.7x28mm is a small bottleneck cartridge known for its relatively high muzzle velocity. What you must consider is whether that greater accuracy is worthwhile out of a carry weapon.


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