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Proposal for standardizing warning templates, Extend CSD category A7 to include blatant cases of non notability, Seeking Consensus in Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Proposed new global policy: m:Biographies of living people, Should disambiguation pages be brought to AFD, MFD, or RFD? To atone for this near-treason, the Korps willingly throw themselves into the most hellish of sieges, and their commanders will expend them like ammunition in human wave attacks. 2006: Angelina Jolie vs. Brad Pitt – Mr. & Mrs. Smith should be changed. There are unfortunately people over at CSD who are trigger happy nominating things for deletion without even giving people a chance to finish writing articles. The Macharian Crusade, as his campaign became known, conquered almost a thousand worlds and was only stopped by his followers' fear of what lay in the darkness beyond the edge of the galaxy. For example a set of tracks for a Chimera will just as easily fit a Manticore, a Basilisk, a Hydra or a Hellhound and will have a very similar mode of installation. This Al'rahem is most famous for his campaign against the Chaos-worshipping inhabitants of Thoth where he joined with the world’s untainted native tribesmen to launch a hit-and-run crusade against the followers of the Dark Powers. [10] She instead bases her acting approach on her observations of people around her. Law's All About Female Empowerment", "Jennifer Lawrence expresses anger at Hollywood's gender pay gap", "Jennifer Lawrence: I voted for John McCain rather than Barack Obama", "Jennifer Lawrence Says a Donald Trump Presidency Would Be "The End of the World, "Jennifer Lawrence Endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Trump 'Does Not Represent My Values, "Academy Invites 178 Artists and Execs as New Members", "10 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence is Awesome", "The World Food Programme and Feeding America Partner with The Hunger Games", "Louisville 'Catching Fire' premiere promotes Jennifer Lawrence & charity", "Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence Joins Chideo's All-star Line-up of Celebrity Ambassadors, Teams Up with Bradley Cooper to Support Special Olympics World Games and Charles J. Cooper Patient Support Fund", "Jennifer Lawrence Wants to Be BFFs, Take Selfies and Party for a Purpose – With You! [11] At that time, she considered acting to be a natural fit for her abilities, and she turned down several offers for modeling assignments. The existence of spam or copyvio links does not mean they are accepted by policy, just that someone who understands policy hasn't spotted them yet to remove them. If you think you need to do something not explicitly authorized by policy and you're not sure that it's a good idea (such as topic banning a user), asking on, Punishment for sticking to the truth? But the main wikipedia policy states everything needs to be referenced, but again most of the majority of the wikipedia don't reference plot section, see Lost (TV series) (FA), Doctor Who (FA) and Star Wars (GA), they share one thing in commong, they don't reference the plot section. An editor's weight on Wikipedia has a lot to do with reputation and past history, so an editor with a good reputation would have an incentive to play by the rules and declare his earnings accurately to avoid being blocked, and thus to continue to make money selling his edits. Read the talk page to see many requests since January 2009 to delete many entries in the chart. [110][111] Also that year, she was one of the victims of the iCloud leaks of celebrity photos when dozens of self-photographed nude pictures of her were leaked online. [16] Tom Shales of The Washington Post considered her a scene stealer in her part, and David Hinckley of the New York Daily News wrote that she was successful in "deliver[ing] the perpetual exasperation of teenage girls". Except that the employers has the government, the shareholders, the unions buggering the business for compliance. --, Forgive me that i don't take your comment here to seriously. I've found it helpful in reducing edit wars and forcing discussion to take place. I still don't agree with IP's being disregarded at. 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. [1][2][3] She has two older brothers, Ben and Blaine,[2] and her mother brought her up to be "tough" like them. 2007: Gerard Butler vs. Robert Maillet – 300, 2008: Sean Faris vs. Cam Gigandet – Never Back Down Unlike the latter, Kasrkin are looked. The Hades Breaching Drill, used as a siege-breaker weapon to undermine fortified positions or breach into a reinforced bunker from an unexpected vector. Something is not right here, sorry. There is no "right not to be talked about"... although it's always good to remember libel laws and common courtesy. It follows her character finding companionship with Pat Solitano Jr. (played by Bradley Cooper), a man with bipolar disorder. This is just so sad. Imperial records show that there have been two captains of the Tallarn 3rd 'Desert Tigers' named Al'rahem. Lawrence says that she felt nervous performing her first sex scene and kissing a married man (Pratt) on screen; she drank alcohol to prepare herself for filming. polarized viewers and prompted mass walkouts. Even if the IP address has very few contributions logged for it, there is no way of knowing the contributions for the. Some things are clearer, some things not. I won't hold me breath. On the tabletop, few armies can field as many soldiers as the Imperial Guard, which is fortunate, as they are comparatively lightly-armed and -armored, and have morale that's highly contingent on their proximity to a commanding officer or commissar. Commissar Yarrick is the central character in a series novels, novellas and short stories by David Annandale, many of which have been collected into the book Yarrick: The Omnibus. Since the outbreak of the 13th Black Crusade, Sly Marbo is thought to be waging his own private war against the forces of Chaos but the Catachan High Command have sealed all records of his actions. [117][118] In October 2019, she married Maroney in Rhode Island. Although he was ultimately unsuccessful, and Colour Sergeant Kell lost his life, Creed's courage and tactical brilliance held off the forces of Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade far longer than anyone expected. [91][92] It features Pratt and her as two people who wake up 90 years too soon from an induced hibernation on a spaceship bound for a new planet. In life, shame. The elite Elysian Drop Troopers take notes from just about every paratrooper and air-cav force in military history. [83] She voted for John McCain in the 2008 United States presidential election. And it’s worrying him to death. because the show is a reference to itself! Often the author of the photograph, who really needs some photography lessons takes offence. [48] Richard Corliss of Time wrote: "Just 21 when the movie was shot, Lawrence is that rare young actress who plays, who is, grown-up. In fact, why not leave all your Red Pill “education” at the door. Jesus Christ! User F203 (talk) 19:31, 20 June 2009 (UTC), I was surprised to hear at this (end of the section) discussion that IP comments/votes are being disregarded in discussions. As well as their battlefield role, Commissars are expected to fulfil multiple rear-echelon duties including the dissemination of information, maintaining morale, enforcing discipline, and keeping petty politics from hampering the duties of higher-ranking officers. On the other hand, few armies can bring as many weapons to bear in a single Shooting phase as the Guard, so while one lasgun is unlikely to get results, fifty or sixty firing in salvos will. Karen did not allow her daughter to play with other girls in preschool as she deemed her "too rough" with them. It was requested at the BRFA to bring it here for discussion. For the amount between $2,501-5,000, the user must pay 32%. [14] She followed it with guest roles in several television shows, including Monk (2006) and Medium (2007). The Lasgun is derided by fans as 'flashlight', but there's a reason it is the mainstay of the Imperial Guard weapons. I’m guessing it’s because he has all the wrong reasons for getting into helping professions, like that he’s trying to spread red pill ideas. His training is filled with propaganda and misinformation, his commanders are willing to expend millions of men and machines in a conflict like he himself will expend ammunition, and if he harbors any doubts there are commissars ready to summarily execute cowards and deserters. [19], Lawrence made her film debut in the 2008 drama film Garden Party, in which she played a troubled teenager named Tiff.


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