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"If you're looking for a good, well-written mafia romance or are curious about the series after watching the movie adaptation of '365 DNI,' my advice is to skip those books," one critic wrote. You Should Probably Stop What You're Doing and Listen to Misha Collins' Voicemail, Radio Host Chad Dukes Was Fired for Allegedly Making "Racist Comments". Your email address will not be published. ", Michele Morrone Opened up About How Hard His Divorce Was on Him, '365 Days' Actress Anna Maria Sieklucka Is on Her Way to International Fame, International Film Fans Might Recognize a Few Faces in '365 Days', The Real Reason Behind Kakashi's Mask in 'Naruto'. Work is ongoing on the screening of the series. Quit thinking that every man is delicious or amazing. Has anyone noticed that most of these 5 start reviews are from fake accounts ? Jest huczne wesele, mąż, który zrobi i odda dla niej wszystko, ciąża, prezenty i niewyobrażalny wprost luksus: służba, samochody, nadmorskie rezydencje. Her husband, the head of the Sicilian mafia, must make the most difficult decisions in his life – who to save: his beloved or their child … What choice will Massimo make? Although my blog offers ebooks for free, I encourage you to purchase ebooks and/or books from your favorite authors. Whose 365 days will we follow in the third part of the saga? Free registration may be required in some sites. Was looking forward to the English translation to be released in Feb. The chemistry betw. People are screaming about sexual assault....come on! If you follow what’s trending on Netflix, then you’ve likely noticed that the Polish film 365 DNI (aka 365 Days) has held a place in the "Top 10 Movies" category since it hit the streaming platform on June 7. November 14th 2018 Open your mouth....say something! Massimo gives the girl 365 days to love her and stay with him. Being the wife of the most dangerous man in Sicily has its consequences and Laura will find this painful …. Disgustingly romantic, extremely real, and inspirational…. I don’t want to hate her, please don’t make me. Yes, her second! . Looks, style, charisma, great body and that voice! by Edipresse Książki. Each chapter is surprising, nothing is obvious – except for rough sex and a game in which there are neither bad nor good heroes. It's actually a 1 and a half STARS for me, but I decided to be generous and rate it up. Quit thinking that every man is delicious or amazing. This book sucks. It was also filled with hot moments that I love. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Refresh and try again. No Surveys! She manages to change his mind when she tells him that she is pregnant. It Looks Like [SPOILER] Is Definitely in Season 2 of 'The Mandalorian,' but How Old Is He? The best doctors fight for a woman’s life. On the second day of her stay – on her twenty-ninth birthday, the girl is kidnapped. you’ve should worked on that ,the sex scenes are uncomfortable , I mean who didn’t watch porn before ? Nacho? Welcome back. Multiple download links available. As dedicated readers already know, some of the best and most innovative stories on the shelves come from the constantly evolving realm of... Sycylijskie życie Laury Biel zaczyna przypominać bajkę. The Sicilian life of Laura Biel begins to resemble a fairy tale. Given the controversial romance’s popularity in many countries around the world, we have a feeling that an adaptation of Book 2 is already in the works. soo stop it ! Where are you EVER going to find a man to rival Michele Morrone? Download 365 dni book 2.pdf Comments. * You can download all ebooks in PDF and ePUB format. The premiere of the film is planned for Valentine’s Day 2020. He doesn’t know how the fate of his family will unfold. I really, really hope the sequel doesn’t follow the plot of this book. I don’t think I can watch it. it’s really toxic for me ،the movie I hope the writer would improve it and don’t stick to the book and make it more human and more loving for the heroes. one fan commented in January. Bycie żoną najniebezpieczniejszego mężczyzny na Sycylii ma swoje konsekwencje i Laura boleśnie się o tym przekona…. Will life without Laura still make sense to him? 365 dni By Blanka Lipinska (PDF/READ) 365 dni (Polish Edition) By Blanka Lipinska Obrzydliwie romantyczna, skrajnie prawdziwa i inspirujaca....Laura wraz ze swoim chlopakiem Martinem i dwójka przyjaciól, wyjezdzaja na wakacje na Sycylie. she don’t think ! Whose 365 days will we follow in the third part of the saga? Drugiego dnia pobytu - w swoje dwudzieste dziewiate urodziny, dziewczyna zostaje porwana. You can choose any of them. Full of eroticism and sensational twists of novel, compared to the world-bestselling “50 Gray Faces”, won the hearts of Polish women. Godfather in conjunction with the Fifty Shades of Gray. ", Another user added, "This book sucks. Previous books, “365 days” and “This day”, sold over 500,000 copies. and that’s not how any women thinks in the whole world . In this second book she initiated way more than him. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Where are you EVER going to find a man to rival Michele Morrone? Looks, style, charisma, great body and that voice! I feel annoyed after watching the movie and find out that the book is too low, who will the hell read it or feel comfortable with these characters, just write a romantic story and stop the suffering scenes and the abuse scenes , you should work more on your chararacters ,you have a good idea in the beging of how he fell in love with her . This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Holy hell I LOVED this book!! The erotic drama has been compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, and like that film, is based on a trilogy of novels. Nacho? This second book begins with Massimo trying to leave Laura after proposing to her. While being held hostage, Laura begins to develop feelings for her new captor (sound familiar? ", But not every reader had something bad to say about the sequel. When he was brought back to life, he promised himself that he would find the woman she saw. There is a grand wedding, a husband who will do and give her everything, pregnancy, gifts and unimaginable luxury: services, cars, seaside residences. I really, really hope the sequel doesn’t follow the plot of this book. #romance 'Ten dzień' is book #2 in the '365 dni' series by Blanka Lipińska & just another example for a story that's been written with minimal (most of the time with none) research into the subjects the author "covers" in it. People are screaming about sexual assault....come on! That would of need a better story. Previous books, “365 days” and “This day”, sold over 500,000 copies. soo stop it ! Read Also : 365 days book english version pdf free download 365 days book in english 365 dni book 3 summary : "Laura and two boyfriends go to Sicily on holidays with Laura on her twenty-ninth birthday.A kidnapper is the head of the Sicilian Mafia family, Don Massimo Toricelli, a very pretty young lady, who was very beautiful, who was abducted by the Sicilian mob.365 dni book english … "We know how to fake. So this is a huge disappointment then? Share & Embed "365 dni book 2.pdf" Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to … I definitely didn´t love this one, just like the first book. ( another kidnapper) At this point , I’m sort of sad that she didn’t end up just dying instead of getting kidnapped again. For the best review you can read as far as I'm concerned and one that covers everything there is to cover about this story go chech. Never mind. Description. This is a book about how to fall in love easily and destroy your life just as easily. This makes Laura look like a whore! November's Most Anticipated Young Adult Reads. 365 Dni Part 2 (Ten dzień) Plot Summary. Share. Brimming with over-the-top sex scenes and a somewhat scintillating romantic plot, ‘365 Days’ has gained quite some popularity since its release on Netflix. That’s gross. YES to the worst book of the year! Not so much Massimo, because I actually enjoy a controling, jerkish hero. He tried so hard with her! There is great unknown, great love, great danger and great passion. "Ten Dzień" doesn’t follow that same narrative, instead beginning with Massimo finding out about Laura’s pregnancy. EBENE MAGAZINE - GM - 8 juin 2020. "They're definitely not worth your time or money.


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