300 prc load data

Let me go back to the 6.5 Creedmoor example for a minute… The 6.5 Creedmoor effectively the same trajectory as the 300 Win Mag out to 1,200 yards.

I have or had 3006, 300Win mag.,300wsm, 300Weath.,300RUM,338Win Mag, 338RUM, and my newest is 300prc in a Seekins Havak Pro 2. Note how the 300 PRC (red line) is in-between the 338 Lapua (green line) and the 300 Norma (blue line) in performance (and is slightly closer to the 300 Norma). If you guys would like a different comparison, please let me know the bullet weights/brands you’d like to see and I’ll surely do it! Want the absolute best performance? Thanks for sharing.

Good article nonetheless.

I have found your articles very informative and very helpful in the past. Finally, I’m solidly on the 6.5 Creedmoor bandwagon!

What in the hell am I missing here?

Now that more options are available I might go back and update this.

Honest question, what do you think we should we have compared for bullet weights? Why do action size and recoil matter to the tactical long range shooter? Prairie Dogs, Mule Deer, 1600 pound Brown Bear, or Nailing a target out close to 2 miles ? Firearms, Long Range Shooting, and Reloading.

300 ultra mag wins.

Personalized, preferred crap that you think you know.

For example, imagine if I was comparing .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor, should I use the same bullet weight or popular weights in their respective calibers? What a joke.

Yes the .338 has a little more energy at distance.

You are the man Ryan thanks again . I can tell you it running very well right now. The 300 PRC, on the other hand, is a non-belted magnum that can push the same weight bullets slightly faster without reaching dangerous pressures. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the 300 Norma beats the 300 PRC.

The 300 PRC, much like the 6.5 Creedmoor, allows for a smaller and lighter action (and thereby rifle) with less recoil. I am thinking about building another long range gun pretty soon and this looks like it could be just what I am looking for... now if someone would only make 300prc brass!!! No one said your favorite pet cartridges were bad. I think the problem is that you picked a load for the 338 Lapua that used a G1 .521 bullet; try a more modern bullet such as the 285 ELD with a G1 of .829 (G2 .427 SD .365) since you are singing the praises of the PRC using an ELD bullet with a G1 of .777 (G2 .391 SD 339). Ease up fellas. Why not the 300 Creed, or 300 creedmoor.

Hornady must be doing some advertising around here $. 2 of those groups under .5″ center to center, Average for all 5 groups .72″. On a personal note, your calm and reasoned replies are a credit to you. So, why do I think that the 300 PRC is going to be a winner?

Where does one obtain Hornady TAP Precision 300 PRC 225gr ELD Match? The 300 prc you are stuck with other magnums with similar ballistics. Wow, Carl. .300 Precision Rifle Cartridge Background. At the time Ryan wrote the article you also need to consider the availability of box ammo and factory chambers which he was shooting when doing your comparisons. At a mile I only need 16.2 mils and I stay supersonic to 1900yds.

Yes recoil is more in the .338 Lapua and .338 Norma.

thanks Jim.

So stop being butthurt if your caliber that you plug in your ass is not being given a proper recognition. Essentially, it is the next step up from the 6.5 Creedmoor in design and performance and it resolves issues with other similar cartridges without any of the negatives of the 300 Norma. Common misconception, It's based on 300rcm. I bet your Hyundai could outrun my Corvette when I have a couple flat tires.

The link for that is in some of the prior posts here. But – would I recommend someone dump their winmag for this? 300 PRC is essentially equal to the 300 win without the belt and nearly identical ballistics. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. For example, test a 300 grain Berger OTM against your 225 grain hornady ELD-M (or whatever). 300 PRC is a precision long-range cartridge and shooting platform. If they work, it doesn’t matter what the box says. This guy is right on, the three comparisons within the article are cherry picked to show what the author wants them to show . 300 PRC You need to look over the specs for each case again. Just noticed that Bergara is coming out with two 300PRCs in 2019.

I wouldnt push it past 5 to be safe depending on your load.


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