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HABER 20 mini Reporter – new member of the fascinating HABER family

Following careful study of our success with the motor yacht, HABER 33 Reporter and the market’s demand for motor boats, we have decided to create a new, smaller and more universal boat, which we have named – HABER 20 mini Reporter. As the name suggests, this yachts comfort, quality and performance are similar to its bigger brother HABER 33 Reporter and its use is equally versatile. It is ideal for private use as well as for charter companies.

Thanks to its shallow draught, which in the version without a keel is only 20cm, there are virtually no places on cruising waters, canals, or sea coastal waters, which wouldn’t be accessible for HABER 20 mini Reporter. Beautifully scenic areas, until now inaccessible, are yours to explore.

A shallow, long keel can be use to ensure course stability, with draught of 0,35m or side centerboards operating from cockpit results in a draught of 0,65m. HABER 20 mini Reporter has an air draught of 1,5m (and 2,17m in version with high superstructure which protects helmsman position and cockpit from wind and rain) – it means that the boat can go under every bridge on the waterways.

Considering comfort and spacious interior, the yacht should in fact be named “maxi” Reporter – five people can sleep comfortably, alternatively, two people could, very comfortably spend a few weeks holidaying aboard this luxury craft. There is wide bed in forepeak, where three people could comfortably sleep. After lowering the table in the cabin there is additional double bed. Just opposite this bed there is comfortable galley with working space, two burner spirit cooker and sink. There is a wardrobe next to the galley and on the other side of the boat, a separate toilet with washbasin. Additionally, the boat can be custom designed to suit a customer’s individual requirements, with additional equipment, like air condition, heating, fridge, shower, etc.

Thanks to aft and front companionways it is very easy to move between cockpit and front deck and to operate the yacht during maneuvering in harbors or locks.

Major advantage of this boat ….. 3 types of propulsion:

- with outboard petrol engine (thrust propeller, 4-8 hp)
- with outboard or stationary electric engine
- human muscles combined with electric power. In this version there are two positions for
pedaling similar to a bicycle.

Maneuvering of this boat is very easy; it can be virtually turned around its axis and be easily maneuvered in the narrowest of marinas, harbors and locks.

Compact dimensions of the HABER 20 mini Reporter (length: 6,12m, beam 2,35m and weight 1 - 1,2 t) and strong, flat bottom make this yacht very easy to transport using your own car. It this way the whole of Europe is your oyster. Bring your boat anywhere the mood takes you and holiday in comfort, in a way that most people can only dream of (with a low carbon footprint).

HABER 20 mini Reporter – luxury for the asking.