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HABER 37C4 Escapade



Length over all with bowsprit 13,75 m
Hull length 11,30 m
Length of the water line 10,20m
Beam 3,65 m
Beam of the water line 3,20 m
Draught 0,75/2,30 m
Height over the water line with gaff 15,30 m
Height over the water line to the top of mast 12,30 m
Length of the mast 10,5 m
Sails 62 m2
main sail 39 m2
fore sail 23 m2
Genoa on the forstay for light winds 38 m2
Weight of yacht with standard equipment 10000 kg
Ballast 3500 kg
Ballast coefficient 39 %
Height in cabin 1,96 m
Berths 6
Inboard engine diesel 25-50 HP
Design category A
Constructor: Janusz Konkol