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HABER 33 Reporter

Having taken into consideration our customers’ suggestions and meeting their expectations – both individual ones’ and charter companies’ – we have decided to build a modest but comfortable barge.

While designing this innovative construction we co-operated with Dutch and German charter companies experienced in hiring out barges, as well as experts and our prospective customers.
As a result we have come up with a motor yacht suited to long voyages on inland waters and inshore navigation.

HABER 33 Reporter characterize with exceptional manoeuvrability – is able to make a 360 turn in place even without using the bow thruster which is in standard. This yacht does not create big wave and has very good directional stability. It has been proved during long tests.

The engines used by us fulfil any EU requirements and environment protection requirements. Their careful installation makes, that even inside the yacht during fast drive the level of noise is not burdensome for passengers. With the proper engine power choice the yachts can be driven by the person without licence.
Measurements of the noise proved, that the yacht is silent, and very silent inside and at the helmsman position.

HABER 33 Reporter is a yacht that guarantees safety and comfort for a four-person crew and a convenient navigation for seven people on deck (7 berths) – however 14 people can travel. In the forepeak there is a double French berth and, optionally, a separate toilet. There is an extra double berth in the aft cabin with a vestibule. Additionally, three other people can sleep in the mess thanks to one folding and one single berth. Under the berths there is lots of easily accessible room for storing personal belongings and supplies. The bilge is suitable for housing fuel tanks, drinking and waste water as well as excretions of the total volume of 900 litres.

HABER 33 Reporter is modern yacht built according to classic and proven methods. It is exceptionally firm construction. Bottom of the hull is stiffened with firm longitudinals and transverses creating very sturdy hull grid.

Owing to the spacious, high and glazed superstructure (10 large, panoramic windows in standard ) it is possible to live a comfortable life on the Reporter. Nature and beautiful view lovers can almost like in cinema, with glass of wine, admire natural surroundings of the yacht without necessity of going out on the deck. There is also very good visibility from the cockpit, from the seats on the compartments, port side, and from the seat on the transom.

The floor of the heated or air-conditioned two-metre high interior is on one level – there are no steps. It is a very comfortable solution, especially for the elderly or the disabled. There are eight places at the big table in the mess.

In HABER 33 Reporter there is a toilet with a shower, next to which there is a small wardrobe with hangers for clothes. Opposite there is a galley with a place for work, a two-burner cooker and a sink. The galley is equipped with capacious drawers, a cupboard and a fridge.

The way out of the cabin leads to a comfortable cockpit, where four people can sit at the folding table (attached to the wall).
The gate in the transom, which is situated as low as 20 cm above the waterline, enables access to the land. It is also possible to adapt the exit from the cockpit and the passage to the mess to wheelchairs.
The half decks and the bow deck, which are easily accessible from the cockpit, ensure effective communication and safe work on the deck. It is especially important during manoeuvres in harbours and while passing through sluices.
The high superstructure with a long railing on the roof increases safety. The huge roof can be used for relaxation or sunbathing or as an additional helmsman’s position.
Our shipyard offers three basic versions of HABER 33 Reporter:
- a displacement one with a Diesel engine and a shaft of up to 38 Hp under the floor in the cockpit. This enables fuel saving and yields a spacious cockpit;
- a displacement one with an outboard petrol engine in a well (from 9.9 to 60 Hp and with increased thrust). This version has exceptionally good manoeuvrability, due to steering with the engine, combined with good fuel economy;
- a planing one with a stationary engine with a Z gear of 155-280 Hp – for the ones that value the speed and the power of the boat plus very good manoeuvrability.

Moreover, two versions of the interior furnishing are possible:
- Standard – with a French, centrally situated bed in the forepeak
- Luksus – with an additional sanitary cabin, a shower and a toilet, and a double berth on the starboard side in the forepeak.
We are also open for requests from our customers concerning the interior layout.

The helmsman on HABER 33 Reporter has a very comfortable position outside, from where he has very good visibility. It is also possible to roof the cockpit and add an extra steering position inside or on the roof of the superstructure.