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The HABER yachts are equipped with the guari-type gaff rigging. It gives very firm and simple rigging with a large and easy-in-use mainsail for light winds and low sails in heavy storm conditions. Additionally, in the gaff cutter version, we can achieve big flexibility in the choice of sails from very light winds up to stormy ones. All the work connected with the sails, including folding down and raising the mast, can be done by one person. The harmonious hull lines ensure exceptional directional stability and excellent maneuverability. Owing to their shallow draught and reasonably low height over the water line (after folding the mast down) the HABER yachts are excellent for cruises on lakes, rivers and canals, and their strength and stability make them perfect for inshore and offshore navigation. HABERS are also easy to transport due to their dimensions and weight. Thanks to these properties our boats can reach many remote and interesting places not accessible by other yachts. A long list of additional equipment gives the customer a possibility of independent ‘designing’ of their yacht.