Length over all with anchor platform 8,80 m
Hull length 7,93 m
Length of the water line 7,50m
Beam 2,50 m
Beam of the water line 2,25 m
Draught 0,58/1,80 m
Height over the water line with gaff 10,80 m
Height over the water line to the top of mast 8,20 m
Length of the mast 7,00 m
Sails 32,8 m2
Main sail 20,5 m2
Fore sail 12,3 m2
Genoa on the forstay for light winds 16,0 m2
Sail coefficient (S½ / V⅓) 4,21
Weight of yacht with standard equipment - cat C / B 2400/2600kg
Ballast - cat C / B 600/800 kg
Ballast coefficient - cat C / B 25/31 %
Theoretical speed of yacht 6,55 kn
Height in cabin 1,90 m
Berths 5
Inboard engine diesel 10-25 KM
Design category C / B
Constructors: Henryk Brylski & Janusz Konkol

Technical data of the Yacht with standard equipment