HABER 800 gaff cutter
In its first version the HABER 800 was a gaff sloop – the HABER 800 gaff sloop.However, during the developmental works there came into being another version with sails typical of a cutter – the HABER 800 gaff cutter.

Adding the bowsprit enabled us to use a large genoa with area of ca. 22 m2 for light winds. This together with the basis set of sails results in ca. 55m2 of the sails’ area. As a result of this the yacht’s performance in light winds was greatly improved, without having to use sails such as gennaker or spinnaker.
When equipped with a bow centerboard, the HABER 800C4 gaff cutter is capable of sailing in close hauled course with 3 sails up at the same time, including the fore sail and genoa. Using the bow centerboard with this set of sails when sailing in close reach course is not necessary.

With main sail and genoa up, the yacht holds to the close hauled course if the main centerboard is used, but the use of the bow centerboard is not necessary.

This type of rigging makes the boat look even more graceful.